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Gumballs: 91 Mounts



**UPDATE JANUARY 23 2010**


New Additions:

Argent Warhorse, Black War Bear, Black War Mammoth, Blue AQ Tank, Frostwolf Howler, Green Proto Drake, Green AQ Tank, Red Drake, Rivendare’s Deathcharger, Silvermoon Hawkstrider, Woolly Mammoth

Rare Mounts:

Sea Turtle (68), Brewfest Kodo (71), Polar Bear (72), Brewfest Kodo (73), Green Proto Drake (81), Rivendare’s Deathcharger (91)

Total Mounts: 91 (80 last update (Nov 13 09))



Crusade, Octothorpe, Leonidas, Grind, Rivendare’s Deathcharger, Broodmother Rahe’n, Voranaku, Temptress of Mists, Warmtusk


Kay, organizing this a bit differently this time, by mount ‘species’.


Black War: Stomper
Brown: Pound
Grey: Cletus
Great Brewfest: Kahlua
Great Brown: Natural Seduction
Great Golden: Mr. Pink Eyes
Great Grey: Stormwalker
Great White: Tickles
White: Snowflake

Skeletal Horses:

Black: Whelm
Blue: Mischief
Brown: Wheeze
Green War: Rattlebones
Ochre War: The Ringmaster
Purple War: Haze
Red: Entrails
Rivendare’s Deathcharger:
White War: Faith


Emerald: Finnigan
Swift Blue: Quake
Swift Olive: Broodmother Rahe’n
Swift Orange: Blur
Swift Purple: Quake
Turquoise: Jin’Swalu
Venomhide: Brightscales
Violet: Jin’Paku
*Little Ivory: Alberto


Black: Omar
Blue: Sapphire
Purple: Amethyst
Red: Ruby
Swift Green: Shine
Swift Pink: Poopers
Swift Purple: Royalist
Swift Red: Rashbeak
Swift War: Brambles


Black War: Lok’tar
Black: Padfoot
Brown: Tohanna
Dire: Moxan
Frostwolf Howler: Snowflea
Swift Brown: Speedo
Swift Burgundy: Kahg
Swift Grey: Gunthur
Swift Timber: Bane
Timber: Fuzzy


Armored Brown: Ferocity
Black War: Fearless
White Polar: Whiteout, Pure & Simple


Black War: Goretusk
Ice: Trampletusk
Woolly: Warmtusk


Cobalt Riding: Mist
Cobalt War: Twilight’s End
Silver Riding: Swifthoof
Silver War: Lustre
Tan Riding: Neato
Tan War: Sable
White Riding: Pure
White War: Chaos

Qiraji Battle Tanks:

Blue: Thorpe
Green: Pie
Yellow: Tiddle

Other Ground:

Argent Warhorse: Crusade
Sea Turtle: Lily
Swift Brewfest Ram: Glenn
Swift Zhevra: Vision

Wind Riders:

Armored Blue: Cloudwing
Blue: Sighlea
Green: Pukasaurus
Swift Green: Chesta
Swift Purple: Feng
Swift Red: Skyfall
Swift Yellow: Ikran
Tawny: Charles

Nether Drakes:

Azure: Skysoul
Cobalt: Essence
Onyx: Onxyien, Shade’s Creation
Purple: Sharknose
Viridian: Grave
Violet: Voranaku, Temptress of Mists

Nether Rays:

Blue: Kedavrah
Green: Radiation
Purple: Asphyxia
Red: Lust
Silver: Golden


Albino: Victory
Bronze: Goku
Red: Grind

Other Flying:

Green Proto Drake: Leonidas
Sunreaver Dragonhawk: Dawn’s Demise


Feel free to suggest some names, comment, or link to your own pet or mount collection! I always enjoy meeting fellow collectors!


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Awesome. I am also collecting mounts now. Almost exalted with netherwing:D

But I haven't got alot of them yet XD I started to seriously collect them.. Last monday orso.

Do you have a 100 about now?