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So, this is something I randomly doodled. He's much cooler irl, because I used like 50 pounds of glitter glue, and plus my scanner screws up colours royally.

He is nameless, hense the title! He needs a name! Along with a class, tribe, personality.. all that fun stuff. I really like him, so I think I will draw him again, so I have to figure that stuff out!

I was just experimenting with this one. When I started, it was totally different. Then I decided to try hair a little different, and bold lines, and glitter, and wierd pink highlighs.. I dunno. It was really fun though!

If you have any ideas, feel free to post them below! And comments are always welcome :3

Edit: Thanks Mike for the name :D

Mats: Prismacolours, Sharpies, Crayolas, Elmer 3D Glitter Glue
Time: A few hours over the last 2 days

Art, character, etc. (c) ME
Troll, Warcraft etc. (c) Blizzard
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this makes me HAPPY!! LOVELY and are indeed talented!!