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Anyone remember this bean? I stated in my journal from a few months ago that I had stopped working on SOS because I wasn't in the right headspace to do it any justice, and that's still true. I think I might try doing SOS again, although it'd be a different kind of story. I'd feel bad if I just completely dropped one on the inspirations behind my username(s).

Herman is still one of my favorite characters, and I wanted to draw him again, still utilizing the simple look I went for the first time, but with all of the experience I have now. It's interesting to see how much my art has changed since I first made him. There's a few key changes I made to his design, most notably completely removing his leg instead of having it replaced with a prosthetic, the inclusion of an ear tag, and replacing his red collar with a cow bell. I feel that using an analogous color instead of a compliment works better. You can see that his leg wasn't always missing, something that would be touched on during Act 3 of SOS. The sketch at the bottom of him as a lamb with Devon is meant to show how optimistic he was before he fully understood how the ranch works. Devon already has his ear tag and docked tail by this point (he's a year older).

Speaking of Devon, I gave him a few minor changes well; his wool fully covers his face and the earring got removed since his the tag covers where it would've been. His skin is dark grey like Herman's instead of brown, so it's easier to understand that he's meant to melanistic. The scar on his lip is still a part of his design; it's a birthmark so he's always had it.

Violet, that sheep in the upper right corner, got some changes too, although since I never got far enough in the original comic you wouldn't know it. Her wool in more brown in tone although only slightly; she has a ponytail instead of a mohawk, and instead of one purple band, she has several. I was a bit wary of putting her in the story at first, and my confidence in keeping her in only went down over time, partially because I wasn't sure if I could do a good job writing her and partly because I knew there would be some backlash about her because of how I originally planned on ending SOS. 

On the bottom right is how I think Herman would look after a few years living outside of the ranch. In SOS's original script he wouldn't have stayed out that long, but it's a fun idea to explore anyway. He's pulled off the tag on his ear (although his docked tail is a permanent reminder of his domestic status), he's grown a small beard, gained some scars, and the cowbell's ringer is gone. It's a bit hard to see but his wool is duller. Maybe if I get around to re-writing the script I'll be able to show more of this older version off but until then, you can have this.

The numbers are (mostly) random. If I ever work on the comic again they'd have more meaning.

As a bonus, here's some old concept art for the comic
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So cute and fluffy ^_^

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Ouch, walking any kind of distance looks like it would be ... difficult.

The actual most nugatory sheep:

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Pfft that sheep is me, failing at life

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