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Happy Birthday Katzun by nugapug Happy Birthday Katzun :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 0 Izuku Midoriya (fanart) by nugapug Izuku Midoriya (fanart) :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 12
Chapter 12: Begone!
It leaves off with Absinthe carrying her shattered mirror walking straight all alone, feeling rage in the face with nowhere to turn.
She stops for a brief moment and throws the large size shatter pieces of glass on the ground; she then punctured the mirror with a big nearby branch while she said.
“You’ve ruined everything…” said Absinthe.
She then picks up the biggest shard of glass there is, it’s a bit small but it’s the only mirror she has; she puts the shard of glass on the side of a tree, gets to her knees, and looks straight through.
“Mildred...Why would you do this to me?...Why did I even come to you?...Why did you even came over to me long time ago?!...You’re always giving me the damn silent treatment!...Do you really want me to do this bulls**t to your sister?...”
Still, nothing appeared in the mirror.
“...Of course, you’re always silent!...What’s it gonna take?...My life has been tortur
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My family by nugapug My family :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 11 :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Happy birthday James by nugapug Happy birthday James :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0 Happy Birthday Shgurr by nugapug Happy Birthday Shgurr :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 10 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 9
Chapter 9: Give Mildred back this instant!
At school in the cafeteria, Layla, Nyle, Henry, Yandere-Chan, Bertha, and Skarlet are talking with each other about what happened last night? What did Absinthe do to Bertha? Did she try to escape or not?
“So when she dropped you off,” Skarlet said to Bertha, “did she even said where she’s going?”
“...No,” said Bertha, “Absinthe’s still have her big car parked right next to our home, so I guess she doesn’t have anywhere to go.”
“It’s still Mildred but okay.”
“No, she’s Absinthe.”
“She’s still your sister Bertha.” said Henry.
“She might be just having stress or something,” said Layla, “Or it’s maybe something that happened to her and putting it on her.”
“No, Bertha’s telling the truth,” said Nyle, “Mildred’s soul is in the mirror, and I’ve been talking to her.
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Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 8 :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 7
Chapter 7: We’re in Osaka
In the morning after a long night of talking, Nyle have been talking with Henry and Yandere-Chan to convince them that Mildred, was not the real Mildred, and saying that it was Absinthe in Mildred’s body.
“Now listen, you guys got nothing to worry about.” said Nyle.
“What the hell do you mean we got nothing to worry about?” asked Henry in aggravation, “She’s got your new sister; she’s whacked out, some sort of new person or something! And she’s got a flare gun! What are we supposed to do? In fact better yet, what are we supposed to do? We gotta worry about it!”
“Look, I was talking with the real Mildred.”
“Real Mildred?” asked Yandere-Chan, “The real Mildred is the one that called herself Absinthe.”
“No, I was actually talking to the real Mildred in the mirror a few days prior.” said Nyle, “saying not to worry. What she said is what she said
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TheNo1Alex 3rd anniversary by nugapug TheNo1Alex 3rd anniversary :iconnugapug:nugapug 1 0
Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 6 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 5
Chapter 5: On goes and one doesn’t
Absinthe is parked at least a few miles away from Buraza Town thinking that she can go far away, but how and where is she gonna go anywhere; she does feel tired but had to proceed to get out of town.
“Ugh, how am I ever gonna go anywhere without any money at all?” Absinthe asked herself. She tries to think of something, but didn’t go this far before.
“How am I ever gonna get out of here? I never got to this point.”
Then Absinthe gets back in the car to grab her new mirror from the front car seat; she closes the door and puts the mirror in front of her on the fields to make it stand.
“Hey Mildred, you know that I just didn’t got your little sister, but also got one of her kitty guardians from Buraza Town.” Mildred didn't respond in this mirror either, “girl you know this is a new mirror right? You know you can respond in this one...Please talk to me...I want tips to get out of this place!...I
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Mature content
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 4 :iconnugapug:nugapug 0 0
Joining the Art Gang party by nugapug Joining the Art Gang party :iconnugapug:nugapug 2 0


Fanart - Bad Bunny Ape! by Mrgametv1994 Fanart - Bad Bunny Ape! :iconmrgametv1994:Mrgametv1994 27 3 Mila by SweetBlueLord [Art Trade] by I-hEv-I Mila by SweetBlueLord [Art Trade] :iconi-hev-i:I-hEv-I 45 4 Spring Date by HoneyBatty16 Spring Date :iconhoneybatty16:HoneyBatty16 24 21 Sketch_My little super artist by TingSan Sketch_My little super artist :icontingsan:TingSan 76 9 Midori Gurin by MulberryArt Midori Gurin :iconmulberryart:MulberryArt 578 36 Carny by UnknownSpy Carny :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 888 53
Hi, thanks for waiting....
It took around 2 years :P.....
Its a serie about 8 draws called "before zooper".
We should upload a new character every week.
Maybe fridays,,,, maybe saturdays :D
I hope you like it.
Remember, you can see BEASTHOUSE/THE BEST OF LAME as JPEG, here
Our other site:
And remember, we have t-shirts
Thats all for now. stay tuned :D
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.:Human Pony:. (redraw) by The-Butcher-X .:Human Pony:. (redraw) :iconthe-butcher-x:The-Butcher-X 926 76 The Breakout Stars by BreakoutClub The Breakout Stars :iconbreakoutclub:BreakoutClub 45 35 Naiomi (oc) by RazzberryPeanut Naiomi (oc) :iconrazzberrypeanut:RazzberryPeanut 4 4 wehhhhh by SansBirdie wehhhhh :iconsansbirdie:SansBirdie 766 155 Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender Sketch) by RazzberryPeanut Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender Sketch) :iconrazzberrypeanut:RazzberryPeanut 6 4 #ArtGang by GABRIELNGAKO #ArtGang :icongabrielngako:GABRIELNGAKO 7 0
How Spooky's House of Jumpscares Should have Ended
      A marker told me that I had made it to room 999.  It seemed like so many others before it.  They say curiosity killed the cat.  It had nearly killed me several times over.  I wanted to see what this old house on the hill was like.  I did not know it contained this many rooms and I certainly did not think it had this much variety (one part was actually outside).  1,000 rooms just seemed like too many to traverse and take notes on.  Plus, the last specimen I had faced was a mermaid who was trying to eat me.  Why couldn't she have been more like one of those mermaids from the Disney movies?  To be fair, I didn't really like Ariel.
      I went into the 1,000th room and when I looked around, I realized very quickly that it was Spooky’s bedroom.  There were posters of Horror movies from every era on her wall, toys that looked like they were made by Doctor Steel or were modified by Sid from Toy Story,
:iconandyofindiana:AndyofIndiana 24 7
The creator in Sir pelo style by loopy22 The creator in Sir pelo style :iconloopy22:loopy22 9 0 My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network by xeternalflamebryx My Favorite Pairings on Cartoon Network :iconxeternalflamebryx:xeternalflamebryx 404 132



Happy Birthday Katzun
Happy 18th birthday to Katzun!! Have your cake and eat it too One of my favorite animation youtubers!! Since it's her birthday I decided to make this for her since her art's pretty awesome.
Izuku Midoriya (fanart)
Made some My Hero Academia fanart, when I was thinking about it I want to make something, but don't know what character to make since I like them all. So I think I can draw the most recent, and that is Izuku Midoriya. :D (Big Grin) 
Chapter 12: Begone!

It leaves off with Absinthe carrying her shattered mirror walking straight all alone, feeling rage in the face with nowhere to turn.

She stops for a brief moment and throws the large size shatter pieces of glass on the ground; she then punctured the mirror with a big nearby branch while she said.

“You’ve ruined everything…” said Absinthe.

She then picks up the biggest shard of glass there is, it’s a bit small but it’s the only mirror she has; she puts the shard of glass on the side of a tree, gets to her knees, and looks straight through.

“Mildred...Why would you do this to me?...Why did I even come to you?...Why did you even came over to me long time ago?!...You’re always giving me the damn silent treatment!...Do you really want me to do this bulls**t to your sister?...”

Still, nothing appeared in the mirror.

“...Of course, you’re always silent!...What’s it gonna take?...My life has been torture at hell and this damn world!...”

Mildred still haven’t even appeared on the mirror, like it’s taking forever.

“Just forget it...I’ve been hurt for far too long...If only I lived with myself if you weren’t weak!...Weak enough to snap!...And you cannot stop me!...”

Absinthe starts up the gun and gets up off of her knees.

“You cannot stop me! The DEVIL WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Absinthe!...” said Mildred.

All of a sudden, Absinthe had finally heard a voice from in front of her, but don’t know who it was and where it came from.

“WHO SAID THAT?!” asked Absinthe being angry.

Then it shows that Mildred has finally appeared from the mirror.

“Absinthe down here.” Mildred said to Absinthe from the shattered piece of the mirror.

“...Mildred?...” Absinthe said in confusion, but at the same time she finally get to see Mildred again; she goes on her knees and picked up the glass shard where it shows Mildred on that mirror.

“You can’t be doing this Absinthe.”

“The hell you talking about?”

“You can’t kill me because you’re in my body.”

“F**K YOU B**CH! You’ve got lots of nerves trying to show up right NOW! Where have you been?! I’ve been trying to get you on one of the mirrors so that I can see you again!”

“Because the only people I want to see is Nyle and my sister.”

“So you’re trying to get to me so that I can get to my breaking point? Is that what you’re after?!”

“...Pretty much.”

“Well I tried to kill myself and this is the pain I lived in!”

“You sure?”

“Not to mention I almost killed Bertha and Layla, which is pain by the way! And again, and again, and again, even shot the white hedgehog that I was in love with!”

“You controlled me Absinthe. Bertha believed that I’m a bad sister because of you!”

“Well I try to keep your body alive, but instead your owner decided to bury this body!”

“And you think you’re not gonna get me out?”

“Yeah that ain’t gonna happen/Yeah that ain’t gonna happen.” both Absinthe and Mildred said at the same time.

Mildred heard these kind of words thousands of times, so she probably remembers it pretty well.

“...What?” asked Absinthe in confusion, like Mildred knows what she’s about to say.

“I know what you’re about to say Absinthe,” said Mildred, “that means that I’m trapped in the mirror doesn’t mean that I’m stupid.”

“Oh really?...What am I gonna say next?”

“Holy s**t, because I have a body that you’re in, and that I’m still part of.”

“...Holy s**t…”

“Everything that you decided to do, I remembered it because I’ve been watching you’re moved everyday and every night, 24/7 365. You just decided to not notice me because you were too busy for 8 years so that you can try to kill Bertha.”

“You are a damn idiot is what you are.”

“Well think for awhile, cuz that’s what matters.”

“So you decided to not get out so that I can do all of this bulls**t! Yeah that totally makes sense dumbass!”

“You can’t kill them...Because you are just scared too....And guess what?...It’s time for you to go home…”

“No! I ain’t going back to that hell hole!”

“Your fun threatening my sister is over.”

“Funtime bab- wait a minute what the hell did I just say that?” Absinthe asked in confusion after the “funtime baby” line.

“Because...I said fun...But listen, there’s a world that needs you…”

“I AM NOT GOING BACK! You can’t even leave! The original mirror guess what? It’s gone! It’s gone and that’s the end of it!”

“Don’t act like you forgotten about the double snap…” Mildred said with a smirk on Absinthe.

“Not happening girl!”

“Especially with Nyle involved.”

“Girl I swear to god if I hear that again, I will kill myself 100% legit this time!”

“Sorry Absinthe...But you cannot escape your faith…”

“I don’t believe it!”

“It’s true...You can’t do this...I know you won’t!”

Absinthe then stomps on the shattered glass piece breaking it to a million pieces and making Mildred disappear; she picks up the little pieces and throws them away.


Then all of a sudden at the same tree, a knife has stabbed through it, which made Absinthe wonder who threw it.

“What the hell?” she asked in confusion.

“Absinthe...I know I was gonna find you.” the voice said behind Absinthe, then all of a sudden, it appears to be Kaga, the scientist and wizard.

“Oh hell the f**k no!” Absinthe yelled as she pulled out her knife out of the tree, “You shouldn't have find me buddy! I stabbed through your chest! How about the pelvis huh?!”

“Go on ahead! But will it make you feel better?” asked Kaga, “Go on ahead. Hit me in the arm, hit me in the stomach...You know I’ll keep coming back.”

“Oh yeah, with all the magic bulls**t right?” Absinthe comes over to Kaga, open up his uniform, and see that there’s no wound or anything on his chest.

“See...Nothing...You’re not dreaming girl.”

Absinthe then backs up feeling confused but still angry.

“I will f**king stab the s**t out of you dude!”

“You might as well because you got up to this point; you’ve been messing up everything in this town since you’ve came here...for no apparent reason!”

“...Hold on...Were you talking to Mildred?”

“No, I’m talking to you.”


“I’m talking to YOU Absinthe!”

“Are you serious?!”

It appears that Absinthe isn’t really paying attention what Kaga is saying; he tries to get to the point but everytime he does, Absinthe interrupts him.

“...Don’t you realize what you’ve done?...To Mildred’s sister? To Layla? To Henry?”

“Oh shut up! They didn’t know at first that it’s me.”

“When did you start injuring people?! When does it become a thing?!...Since forever! And you weren’t about the life you live in right now!”

“I wasn’t, but when I came to this world I have to defend myself!”

“And what are you trying to do? Fool yourself with the plans of killing Bertha? Oh yeah...I know all about that!”

“I am not in that right now just so you know!”

“Right now?”

“Well what did it take to fix the chest of yours?!”

“...None of your business...Me I’m a scientist and a wizard (part time).”

“Yes, because that’s your dumbass name! Swing and a miss!”

“I’m not the one that goes crazy with all of this killing plan you put up!”

“Oh really? You wanna go then?!”

Kaga looks down in annoyance after what Absinthe is trying to say keeping him at a complete disadvantage, then he looked down seeing what appears to be shattered pieces of the mirror.

“Did you do this?” He asked Absinthe; he picks up one of the pieces and shows it to Absinthe, “please tell me right now you didn’t break this mirror. Absinthe please tell me you didn’t break this mirror.”

“Well whoop dee doo! It’s a f**king mirror! You look at it so that you can look at yourself!”

“I think the mirror connect to this world because you made this happen!”

“The hell does that mean?!”

“...Do you know what happens when you break this mirror?”

“Uh NO!!”

“That’s destroying yourself!!”

“I don’t care! And if I have to do it! Then I have to do it!”

“...You are done Absinthe...You are done with this world. Go back to where you came from!...”


Absinthe then runs off away from Kaga far away to avoid the world that she needs to come back to.

While she left, Kaga stands and drops the shattered piece to the ground; he knew he needs back up to get to Absinthe, surround her and get her to her world.

He then snaps both of his fingers twice then several sparkles orbit around him, then came a transports spell, going to a different location of the first person he needs to go to.


Back home at Henry’s and Yandere-Chan’s home, Henry and Yandere-Chan are hanging out in the living room with no other answer to find Mildred nor Absinthe, and Derek and Skarlet are trying to track Absinthe down but nothing there.

Jenna is at the Basu Sisters home with Layla and Nyle to help comfort Bertha.

Then all of a sudden, a magic orb magically appeared, and then exploded and shows what it turned out to be Kaga: The Scientist and the Wizard!

Everyone looked in shock and what they saw was unbelievable, that Kaga is alive.

“Yo what the hell?!” asked Henry in shock.

“Yo what’s up guys?” asked Kaga.

“Dude we thought you were dead man! This is amazing!”

“...Because of all the snaps, I can change back to normal, no matter what it is, nothing can kill me.”

“So that’s how you’ve kept coming back.”

“We were wondering how if you’re alive or not dude.” said Skarlet.

“Yeah how the hell could that be?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“I’ll ask those questions later, and how did I even die is out of the water now. Besides I know how magic can work,” said Kaga, “you can’t kill the wizard like me.”

“So how are you not de-”

“Guys...there’s lots of bigger things that are going on right now...I’m here to help...with the Absinthe issue.”

“But we tried everything, i mean the mirror’s been shattered and she has a gun on her hand.”

“...Yan-Chan, we haven’t done everything...because, I have a plan…And I need you guys with me on this.” Kaga turns to Derek, “Yo Derek you with me?”

“Yeah I am! Been waiting for this for a long time!” said Derek in excitement.

“Alrighty, because I...Always have a plan in hand.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s do it!”

“Come on guys let’s go!”

Then everyone gets up off their chairs and to follow Kaga, and find Nyle with some supportable help with this situation.


Back at the Basu Sisters’ home where Layla and Jenna were upstairs are trying to calm down Bertha, Nyle is downstairs with no other plan to find Absinthe. Since Kaga is killed there’s no other way to get Mildred back.

“Ugh, what am I gonna do?” she asked, “What am I gonna do? Bertha is so devastated of how she found out, this is horrible.”

Then all of a sudden, Kaga knocked the door to get her attention.

Nyle looked in shock believing that it might be the ghost of Kaga; she then raised her bandage tenticles ready to attack.

“Woah woah woah!” said Kaga to lower the angry sanity of Nyle’s self-defense, “hold on!” Then when he came inside he was grabbed by the neck by one of Nyle’s bandage tenticle.

Nyle then finally noticed that ghost are invisible, but Kaga he can feel; she puts him down and puts her bandage tenticles away.

“Kaga? You’re alive! Thank goodness dude I thought you were dead.”

“There’s no way, and I brought some more friends along with us.”

Then came in Henry and Yandere-Chan, and Derek and Skarlet to help out.

“Guys? Did you found Absinthe yet?”

“No not yet girl.” said Henry.

“That’s why we came here with Kaga for your help.” said Yandere-Chan.

“But Kaga was dead,” said Nyle, “you guys know what you saw. All of us saw it with our own eyes.”

“...Come on Nyle,” said Kaga, “I’m a powerful scientist, and a wizard. I know how to turn myself to normal.” Kaga then gets himself back on track and has to get serious, “okay Nyle, we are facing with something that is really big and bad right now. I’ll explain to Layla and Bertha later, but for now we need to get Absinthe and get her off of this world, and get Mildred back to her body, today.”

“But how? Absinthe smashed the mirror.”

“’s not the original you guys ready?”

“What’s the plan though?”

“Okay listen, all of you guys. All of the things you tried...Of course and thy quote “did not work,” because she’s still here,” Kaga explained, “she’s still causing trouble in this town. Now, did anyone know about the double snap?”

As Kaga said “the double snap,” everyone wondered about it, and realized that they did not tried it. Everyone, especially Nyle which she’s most curious about it, don’t really know if Mildred said that to her or not.

She then found out of what Mildred has said from the previous weeks she appeared.


The scene phases to back about a few weeks ago as Nyle found out about Absinthe being an angry nut job. Nyle was looking at her own mirror talking with Mildred.

“The only to get me out is that when she done something wrong at least a few times. When she did and even though you're gonna fed up with it anyway, you gotta let her self-destruct. Next you have to let her snap, not a single snap, a double snap, and she gets out of my body leading my body back to normal, and you have to shatter me out when my body is soulless.”

“But why not snap you out of it now?”

“Because that ain't gonna work like that.”

“Really? Welp at least the rest of the plan ain't gonna be so bad.”

“And you gotta need to have a true very smart scientist to help out with this if it needs to work.”

“...Are you serious?”

“And some more teammates.”

“Okay grabbing teammates is gonna be hard are you sure about that?”

“Of course...just follow the rules I said to you and you’ll be fine.”

“Uh okay got it.” Nyle then looks at the mirror to see if there's an off button, but doesn't look like there is. “Is there like a hangup button or anything?”

“It only happens when Absinthe is here or when someone else is here like my sister.”

“Right, well I’m gonna close you now then whatever.” Nyle uses a shade to close the mirror and runs off to the Science club room.

END OF FLASHBACK-------------

“I remember now.” said Nyle, “I think I know what it is, the single snap switches other and maybe different personalities, while the double snap is a personality fix, and that is transfer Absinthe back to the underworld she came from.”

“That’s what I was gonna say,” said Kaga, “and that...changes everything, it’s dangerously powerful but it works, and it might be permanent.”

“Might be?”

“Might be, I heard of it on my own but and it didn’t last for long, and so we might have to know for sure that it is permanent.”

“So we need to get Absinthe to double snap, out of Mildred’s body?” asked Henry.

“That’s why I’m here.” said Kaga as he turned to Henry, “and I will be the one to make it happen.”

“But how are we gonna find out where she is?” said Nyle, “I mean we can’t even find her.”

“That’s why I want you guys to come with me.” Kaga said to Nyle, “we’re going to find Absinthe...You ready? I mean I know where she’s at because I know lots of directions of where demons go, so come on let’s go.”

“Alright so let’s do it.” said Derek.

So Kaga, Henry and Yandere-Chan, and Derek and Skarlet walk out the door and onward outside to find out where Absinthe has went.


Still inside the forest, Absinthe is sat down on a log where she tries to call for Roland; she tried and tried to but every time she does she gets rejected by Roland’s rejection.

She takes a sip of alcohol to relieve the stress she’s been having and decides to go voicemail to call Roland like that.

While she did she looks in both ways in case any one she hates will jump out on her.

Absinthe then turns her attention to the phone and finally she got the call up to voicemail; she puts the phone to the ear to that she can hear Roland better.

“Please Roland...Please pick up…” she said being desperate, “...damn it please pick up!...Guess I have to say it anyway...Hey..Roland it’s Absinthe...Um…”

Absinthe takes another sip of her alcohol; she puts the phone to her ear again.

“...I just want to say that...You’re the best friend a horned demon cat can ever ask for...thanks for the plotting we had and...and for helping with all of the weapons you gave me for protection...and thanks for caring before the argument we’ve had...I just never had a friend before until I’ve met you...I might not be around much longer, I knew that my days are numbered so...I just want to share that with you so...And sorry...for the argument we’ve had...Since I wanted Bertha gone...It feels like it’s just me that’s gonna be gone…”

She hangs up ending the voice message; she puts it back, takes a drink of her alcohol, stands up, and runs off as far away as possible.


Down the empty part of Buraza Town, probably the abandoned part of it, it shows that there are a few houses that are dirty and the windows are shattered. It seemed to also have a few diners which a couple were demolished, the rest stand empty and or have shattered windows and extended cracks on the outside of the walls.

Kaga, Nyle, Henry and Yandere-Chan, Derek and Skarlet were walking down the abandoned road looking around at any morsel and see if Absinthe is here.

Kaga though, decided just to stand for a moment while the team continued on walking.

The team stopped for a moment as they looked that Kaga ain’t following them.

“Hey, you coming?” asked Henry.

“...Not yet...If we’re doing this...We’re gonna do it the right way…” said Kaga. He then snapped his fingers letting out a brief flash of light, then he reveals in a blackish grey cloak; he’s also holding a (what he calls it) Kagacane.

“What the f**k?”

“That’s right guys,” Kaga said as he walks over, “you know what time it is right? It’s time for us to find Absinthe, and it’s time to set her out of Mildred’s body for good. Permanently to her world...Let’s go.”

Kaga walks forward along with Henry, Yandere-Chan and the rest of the team to find Absinthe. As they walk down the dirt road, Nyle, Henry, Yandere-Chan, Derek, and Skarlet feel a little curious of why Kaga is dressed in a cloak.

“So what’s with the cloak dude?” asked Derek.

Kaga puts his staff down after Derek asked that ridiculous question.

“Not now Derek!” he yelled.

Then they’d continue onward.

“Stop playing games, I’m the scientist here. Also a wizard…” said Kaga, “I’m suppose to look this way. To get this s**t straight. Make sure all you guys stay focus, Absinthe isn’t too far behind…” Kaga looks around as he tries to look out for any other danger lurking around, “Now I’m warning you guys, no missing because Absinthe can be a very loose cannon.”

“So what does that suppose to mean?” asked Henry.

“Damn it Henry!” yelled Kaga, “Get it together...This is why we can’t find Absinthe! Coming with the questions, and always with the jokes!...You guys are trying to play around, that’s the problem!”

“Sorry dude, just asking.”

“That’s why Absinthe always runs around coming at people.” Kaga looks around again; he looked both ways and Absinthe is nowhere in sight so far, “come one Absinthe...Show yourself…”

“Don’t you know where she’s at?” asked Yandere-Chan.

Kaga stops the walking stopping everyone else; he turns around towards Yandere-Chan trying to get this straight.

“Look...Let me be focus...since it’s a long way...with six of us together, we’re gonna find attention...keep all of your eyes peeled...if coming behind you...then I don’t know what will happen.”

The team continued on walking.

“So you don’t know where she’s at?” asked Skarlet.

Kaga gets annoyed about the rest of the team just asking one question to another.

“Ugh...Got a few stooges with me.” said Kaga, “...Absinthe where are you? Come on.” he whispered to himself waiting for the arrival of Absinthe.

They then walk down the road trying to find Absinthe.


At night from down the road, it shows only one street light, only where where maybe Absinthe can be seen.

The team walk down the road still continuing one to find Absinthe, but it looks like she ain’t here, nor it looks like she’s gonna come here.

Almost seemed like this walking’s pointless to some of the members.

“Man there’s no way we’re gonna find Absinthe here.” Skarlet complained.

“I’m pretty sure she’s suppose to be here.” said Nyle.

“How? We’ve been out here for hours!” said Derek, “She probably ran off probably to Tokyo by now!”

While Skarlet, Derek, and Nyle have their arguement, Henry and Yandere-Chan look around to see if Absinthe is close by or far away but they’re getting closer.

It’s just nothing but an empty road for hours, nothing in sight. Until Henry spotted someone, it’s Absinthe charging up on the team.

She’s far but she is running closer.

“Hey, found Absinthe!” Henry yelled.

The team looked and they have finally found her. Henry runs over to her as Absinthe turns around and tries to outrun him; he runs as fast as he can go to reach her.

“Get the hell away from me!” she yelled, “You are not to follow me!!”

Absinthe runs off as quickly as possible, but the team seemed to be getting closer and closer by the moment; she then stops on her tracks under a street light and pulls out her knife.

“You better back off.” said Absinthe, “You I will kill you...No one is gonna catch me! You understand?!”

Absinthe stands there with her knife raised, then she tries to run off, but then looks up seeing that it’s the all powerful Kaga; she falls down and crawls back to the point where she was standing.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Kaga.

“ you’re the one that tries to catch me huh?...Well there’s no way you’re gonna catch me!”

Absinthe then tries to run off, but this time to her left, but then Derek comes in the scene blocking her path.

“You kidding?...I’ll take on all of you! All of you I tell ya! Come and get it!” Absinthe yelled as she waves her knife around as the team surrounds her, as they get closer and closer.

Skarlet, Henry, and Yandere-Chan have their own weapons just in case Absinthe decides to duel, Nyle roses her bandage tentacles ready for a grab on her in case she decides to run away again.

“Time for you to go Absinthe.” said Nyle.

“Na I ain’t going anywhere.” said Absinthe in anger, “I ain’t going back to the hell hole I once lived in! I ain’t going anywhere and that’s the end of it!...Nobody shall come near me! And I ain’t going back to where you guys lived alright?!”

“...Now Absinthe listen.” said Kaga.

“NO! I ain’t listening to s**t! You are just gonna grab me and pull me back!”

“...Nobody wants you here, Bertha doesn’t want you here, and Mildred doesn’t want you here.”

“I don’t want to be with you!”

“Obviously you don’t wanna be here.”

“I don’t want your wizard s**t stuck in my head!” Absinthe turns to Henry, “Yo Henry, you can help me right?”

“Why the f**k would I help you?!” asked Henry.

“We’re friends right?” asked Absinthe.

“Yeah right!...You are just being a dumbass after what you did with a kitten girl! You f**king lied!”

“But all of that’s over!”

“Yeah? Well that doesn’t erase the fact that you were about to kill her! And you probably just want to just so you can let her sister take the f**king blame!”

“...All of you guys just didn’t know it! Now all of you just leave me alone!”

“Look, we just want you to leave Mildred’s body!” said Nyle, “that’s all we want!”

“Well you ain’t getting this body I’m in.” Absinthe said as she turns the knife to Nyle’s forehead, “I will take you guys down! And don’t you dare say that it’s not possible for me to; I’m stronger than any other cat of this world!”

“...So...Are you just gonna point that knife on me?”

“I will if I have to.”

“Okay really? We want Mildred back! So give her back!” said Skarlet.

“Shut up b**tch!” Absinthe turns to Skarlet, “you don’t know me!” she then turns back to Nyle, “you know we were friends know that.”

“We weren’t even friends to begin with!” said Nyle, “We want Mildred and that’s it!”

“Say, do you have anything to say to me?” Derek asked Absinthe, “although you did destroyed the Occult Club Room!”

“Shut the f**k up! I have no idea you teamed up with these guys!” said Absinthe as she points her knife to Derek, “Who the hell are you guys huh?!...There’s no way I ain’t going back! I ain’t going back man!” she turns to Kaga, “You can’t be doing this to me!”

“Yo Absinthe, are you done playing?” asked Kaga, “aren’t you tired of running?”

“...Yeah? I am...I just hate to be yelled at and abused back in my world!”

“Now Absinthe...I’m gonna make this easy for you...Get back to the world where you came from...where “Your” friends need you...The world where you were raised...Where people wanted y-”

“What do you f**king mean?! I’m not happy now?!”

“You mean you’re not happy now?! What happen to the bottle you were carrying?! Did you decided to finish it already?!”

“I don’t give a s**t of what it is!”

“...You don’t have to fight any longer.”

“I will keep fighting...There’s nothing good in this world!...There’s nothing good in my world!...You just don’t understand! None of you do!”

“And you just wanted Bertha to suffer the same way.”

“Exactly! Because she hasn’t lived my life! And that’s why I escaped that world of mine and finally was gone! I’m never Mildred! I’m just in her body and that’s it!...No one wants me in this life! No one! So please don’t send me back! PLEASE!” Absinthe got on her knees and kinda tearing up, “please don’t make me go back!”

“So...You are willing to do anything then?”

“Please...On my last leg...Don’t make me go back!”

“Well there’s something that I need you to do…”


“...I need you...To do the double snap…”

“No...NO! THAT’S NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!” Absinthe gets up off of the ground and refuses to do Kaga’s bidding.

“Too late! It’s gonna be the strongest thing you done in your life!”

“I know what that is! That means I have to go back to the world I lived in! Even Mildred mentioned that s**t with Nyle!”

“You are gonna do it Absinthe…” said Yandere-Chan, “this is for Mildred’s and Bertha’s sake…”

“NO! NOBODY WANTS TO KNOW WHAT IT DOES!” said Absinthe as she points the knife to Yandere-Chan.

“None of you guys don’t know it man...not even one living soul!”

“Well what’s behind the double snap,” said Kaga, “is the door back home, because that’s what I know! You want to be happy! I want you to stop fighting! And I want you to stop destroying yourself! So it’s simple! Just do the double snap.”

“No!” Absinthe said as she tries to run away, but then Nyle and Skarlet blocks her way to prevent from running off.

“End the pain! End the drama! End the suffering! End the stupid stuff you have done!”

“None of you don’t understand my suffering! None of you guys! None of you! I don’t wanna f**king do this s**t!”

“You gotta go back to your world...Double snap! Now!”

Absinthe then feels nervous and scared to go back to her world; she drops her knife and goes to an arm X position...And then...The Double Snap.

Then Mildred’s eyes and mouth glow through as a red gelatinous mass escapes from through the mouth. Then the scene goes to a glowing white.

As things turned back to normal, Mildred’s body lives lifeless as the red gelatinous mass swims around it.

Then the mass floats up and runs away as the team were distracted by the glow.

The team then opened their eyes and finally the glow is gone, and what’s left is Mildred’s lifeless body.

“What was that?” asked Nyle in confusion, “Is Absinthe gone?”

“Hopefully…” said Kaga. He turns to Henry, “What about you Henry? You good?”

“...Ugh yeah I’m fine.” Henry said as he gets up on his feet and kind of groaning in pain.

“But where’s Absinthe?” asked Skarlet.

“...I think the double snap worked…” said Kaga.

The team looked at Mildred’s body, still in a good condition, and the pink hair of the top of her head is gone. Lifeless though, so it looks like they’re not done yet.

“But what about Mildred?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“I don’t know...but the mirror is being held somewhere else...But as long as Absinthe...Hopefully the double snap sent her back to the way she came…” Kaga turns and comes over to Henry, “Yo Henry...I got one more thing to take care.” He takes his hand, puts it on Henry’s bullet wound, and then...healed his arm back to normal.

Henry looked at his arm, now finally he has his good arm back to the way it was.

“...Woah…” said Henry.

“So...Your arm feeling good now?” asked Kaga, “No bullet in there?”

“I don’t even feel the bullet...Thanks dude.”

“Holy s**t that just happened.” said Skarlet.

“Well guys...It’s been an awesome pleasure...See you back in school.” said Kaga.

“But what about Mildred?”

“Don’t worry...hopefully you guys know where the soul of Mildred is...You just gotta find it...Yu guys know what it looks like?”

“No not really.”

“Well...It might be at the school where Absinthe left it.”

“So you are not gonna help us find her?” asked Derek.

Kaga then walks away into the distance; he starts to fade away as he walks any further, then finally...disappeared.

Henry and Yandere-Chan both picked up Mildred’s body in order to need it for her soul in case they get it back.

“I can’t believe Kaga just disappeared.” said Nyle.

“But how are we gonna find the mirror?” asked Yandere-Chan.

“I don’t know it was shattered.”

“...Or maybe that mirror she has...Is not the mirror we’re looking for.”

“...What are you talking about?”

“We all know where the school is right? Well Absinthe must’ve left it behind by mistake, and Benson might have grabbed it, the mirror that has Mildred’s soul inside of it.”

“...That could be true.” Nyle thinks for a second, and then finally; she found out the difference between the mirror Absinthe left behind, and the one that is smaller, the mirror that she shattered. “I think you have a point Yandere-Chan. Absinthe shattered the wrong mirror. So there’s still a chance to bring Mildred back to life.”

“Exactly...That’s what I was gonna tell you.”

Then the team all looked at each other, being puzzled at what the school girl and the pink cat twin is talking about; they ran off away from the abandoned side of town and ran off to school to find Benson.


Back on school grounds at benson’s shed home, the team comes over to the front door waiting for Benson.

Henry knocks the door to get his attention.

Some crashing sounds came through the door, some banging of pots and pans inside, some tools might have fell to the ground.

“Ugh I’m coming for god sakes!” he yelled. He opens the door and looks that Henry, Yandere-Chan, including Nyle, Derek, and Skarlet came in front of his home, “...uh, what’s going on here?”

To be continued...
LWHAYC The Devil Within part 12
This is where Absinthe finds herself in the woods and finally has a talk with Mildred finally, but then Kaga appears out of nowhere and get her along with Henry, Yandere-Chan and the friends they gathered to get her back to the underworld...or did they. This chapter is a parody of the McJuggerNuggets two videos of the "The Devil Inside" series, "no way out" and "the devil inside."

I'm finally done with a scene for my first storytime video, and I still got more work ahead of me, but I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible, but since school is over I have to scrap some voicelines...soooooooo yeah, but don't worry there's still more I have to do with lots of these voice lines.

Absinthe, Bertha, Mildred, and Jenna belong to me

Derek, Nyle, and Layla belong to shgurr

Benson Terrio belongs to MamaLuigi22

Yandere Simulator characters belong to YandereDev

Skarlet the Hedgehog belongs to MartuXeneize

and Henry the Hedgehog belongs to RaeBae

The Devil Within chapter 11:
The Devil Within chapter 13: ???
500 more views to go and I'm up to ten thousand pageviews guys!! Ahhhh so excited!!!!!
My family
I've had three older sisters by the time I was born until I had a brother when I was a toddler. The fourth one is me and I'm pretty much the tallest, I make personas like these, the square head ones are male, and the circle heads are the female, and this some sort of color around them are their favorite colors, and you noticed the color white from the inside, well it can also change color by emotion. I'll tell you guys more about the persona later on, but for now these are the best examples I made.
    That's right, I finally graduated from my high school :happybounce:, saying goodbye to worksheets and saying hello to collage. Yeah that's what I'm doing. Very sorry that I haven't been working on the first storytime video, I was so busy working on some finals and doing my hardest to work, and while I was I made some art and more chapters of The Devil Within just to keep you guys updated. Oh that reminds me, I don't know if I'm gonna continue with The Devil Within since I have two things to work on. One is my storytime videos and two is the fanfics I want to make, and yes I know you guys might be wondering about The Mighty Braveteers, well yeah that's the thing, since I've came up with The Devil Within, I put that series on a hiatus since there was lots of chapters to work on.
    And since I finally got high school done, I got some storytime ideas for that, especially my high school years. So I'll keep you guys updated and I'll see you guys back at the pughouse. ;) (Wink) 


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