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Through the Fire and Flames by Nuelion Through the Fire and Flames by Nuelion
"That day was our first day with an evolved Yggdrasil, and we went to seek some pokémon outside in the field. We were there from the morning to the afternoon, waiting for something special to catch... and then appeared something: a wild Shiny Eevee. Yggdrasil looked at my face, full of happiness, she knew I wanted something like that Eevee and went directly to the battle, who was a bit intimidated but he refused to flee.
And then I noticed how the power of Yggdrasil grew up with her evolution.
Just a flamethrower she needed to burn everything around her. My face turned into a scared one and tried to  stop my Ninetales, but she wasn't listening to me. She took a few seconds to make a fire cage for Eevee and jumped in to attack him with her fire..."

Maybe I'll do a next part (but a sketch), telling what happened before to Yakumo and Yggdrasil


Woah woah, this took me much more time than my usual drawings, I was doing it at least 7-8 hours and trying to improve the FAIYAH! I'm proud how it looks: dynamic poses, the colors of everything and the scene of danger... and faiyah :iconelnegroplz:

I hope I can win at least one eevee, but its okay with anything, there are a lot of nice drawings too and I'm proud with my work uvu/

For :iconpokemontownship:

Time: 7-8 hrs. aprox.
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MaiNona Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 This is great!
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