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Let it snow....- animated


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Masyanya and autumn harvest


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Woodland Elf 04

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Mad Tea Party

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weissglut mit wirtten permission

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Romantic Hair 2 Black

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smoke set I by starscoldnight

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One direction: go east!

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European Parliament by day - Strasbourg, France

Monthly feature December

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Let it snow....- animated

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A Great Stock Provider - Special

How to be a Perfect Stock Provider When I was writing the Tips for Beginners Members - part 2 (stock) I would add a part with tips about how to be a perfect stock provider, but I was talking to some providers and decide to make a special journal with the reply from CD-STOCK ( and EveLivesey ( as are sufficient for a special journal First, you need a good camera, basic photography skills, imagination and creativity.Take a look at some of the popular photos on stock photo websites like DeviantArt, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Dreamstime etc. You can learn a lot from these photos.Photography literarily means "drawing with light". Learn the basics : wh

Little craft tips

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Photomanip Contest Winners!

Firstly, I have to say I loved hosting this contest as I received many beautiful entries from awesome artists. I also discovered some new talents over deviantart! The voting was made on my previous journal -->Here<-- I also decided to make the "my personal choice winner" the fourth place with more votes. Just to keep it fair and mainly because it was difficult to decide, they are all beautiful!!! Plus I also added a fifth place (also by votes). Well, congratulations to the four winners and for all the lovely artists who participated in the contest. All the best, Melina :rose: **************** Primero tengo que decir que me encan

Won contests

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Best-Snapshots Vol.#28

:star: Best-Snapshot Of The Week :star: ~AlienOrihara ( NARUTO - Yamanaka Ino By AlienOrihara ( :star: Other Submissions :star:

Stunning features

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Thoughts on Charlottesville...

I am expressing my thoughts with the knowledge I have of this horrible time in the small town of Charleottsefille, where hatred, racism, the KKK, the Alt Right, Nazis and others following the same mindset ultimately leading to the death and suffering of many victims, came together.  I will not argue with you, debate you. Say and share what you wish and how you wish, there is not filter or sensor on this.  I am sharing my thoughts but you are free to express yours as you see fit. Okay... the Nazi scum came in prepared for war, heavily armed, intimidating and after watching too many episodes of Vikings... sadly there is a strong connection tha


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Easter / Spring Seamless Print Pattern 1

Don Cabanza give me permission to use his ar

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Icons, Emoticons and PLZ's Part 1

Icons, Emoticons and PLZ's   I have rearranged this collection! Sorry for this effort! You can find the new journals here: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: ~yellowsubmarine1plz (


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The Unseen Stock - June

My new stock

Mixed special stocks

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Lake house

Amazing art created with my stock

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SilentHowling with written permission

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In a white Dream

Starkall with written permisson

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2.KapitelDie Flucht Sanvara

2.Kapitel Die Flucht Sanvara hatte sich schnell an das Aussehen ihres Kindes gewöhnt wann immer sie ihm das Köpfchen streichelte begann es zu lächeln. Es war ein unglaublich süßes Baby. Sie schaute ihren Vater an und frage ihn:,, Möchtest du ihn mal heben,Vater?´´ Der Vater schaute das Baby zunächst skeptisch an, doch schließlich nahm er ihn vorsichtig auf den Arm. Als Shork in den Armen seines Großvater lag lachte ihn das Baby so strahlend an, dass er sein Misstrauen verlor und es lieb zu gewinnen begann. Sanvara wusste nun, dass es kein böses Wesen war. Als Sanvaras Vater Shork wieder seiner Mutter in die Arme legen wollte, brach er zusamm

Story TaSaMaBi

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