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... Ho cominciato a leggere poco fa "Ten Earth Shattering Blows"... e niente, ho deciso che lei è il mio personaggio preferito!... :love:

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Mi fa molto piacere! Sei in buona compagnia :D

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Friends and Grandmother have been alerted and husband has been stuffed under the bed. 
Glad to see you back! Hope you're doing well, I'm super excited to see the story continue :>
Just the title and amazing art puts a story idea in my head.

I imagine a medieval fantasy world, based on the earth's continents. Each continent has an awful monster that essentially rules over that continent. Africa, Asia, and Europe would be split in halves by two rulers on each. This barbarian could be on a quest to kill those ten monsters, freeing the territories of their evil reigns.

Those assassinations would be referred to as "The Ten Earth Shattering Blows"

Cant wait to see some more art!
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I like your take! It's very different from mine tho XD 
You can read the comic here or on my site. The link is written somewhere...
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Poor monster thingy :c
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It's ok, he had no regrets.
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Super excited! I have been missing it.
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woo hoo! I'm excited to see what's next!
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Can't wait to show you!
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