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The Fallen

Once the muskets have stopped their crackling,
once the swords has ceased their clanging,
once the battle is over,
all  that remains are the fallen.


This is the project I've been working on for the past month. VeronicaKosowski suggested I do something for inktober and instead of doing 31 October Ink drawings, I made this. Here it is all in one go. Hopefully reading it is fine enough, deviantART isn't the best for hosting these sorts of things to be honest. 

Hope you enjoy! 


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This looks awesome! Good work! What I personally like best is your 'clean' (in my opinion of course) style. The shading/contrast is also amazing.
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This is so emotional. I hope it gets properly featured in that gallery you mentioned. This is really good! <3
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Thank you very much! 

I have great faith in those organising the exhibition - if I'm lucky I might even be able to sell the copy on display! :D
Keali's avatar
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that to happen!
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This is a really awesome comic! :) It's drawn so well and the themes and emotions are shown in a rather silent way. 
NuclearJackal's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
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You're welcome. :)
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Amazing amazing amazing!!!  I love how this turned out, you are a comics master my friend.  ^^
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Thank you so very much, my friend! ^__^
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So eerie and beautiful at the same time

I love this dood! Awesome work!
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