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Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke [PAGE 33]

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Inking literally takes me almost NOTHING, so honestly my only issue was to sketch this. So that means next page is going to come out soon :^)
Oh yeah, we're hitting the gym, bois!!!

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oh that zubat definitely has a bone to pick with you.

and why is it that all the shiny nuzlocke pokemon are zubats?
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Well... THAT was full of awkward, WASN'T it!

Also, it's that shiny from before! Boy have they got a bone to pick now!
AkatsukiRocket854's avatar
did you skip the team rocket slowpoke arc
nuclear-smash's avatar
bold of you to assume I was skipping instead of doing things in different order :^)
kagura-chan-otaku's avatar
Wow that's an original way to draw bugsy! XD I like the idea of the cooking show btw :3
nuclear-smash's avatar
Thank you very much!! 💜
Mizuko-hime's avatar
....30 minutes to bake a cake?!?!?!?! Like holy, what kind of cake baking poke magic does she have that can bake a cake that fast?!?!?

Also, love the b&w look! Kinda gives it a cool new feel!
nuclear-smash's avatar
It's ok they're gonna speedrun this

Thank you!! Glad it looks alright haha 💜
jadethestone's avatar
"Easy" huh? So you might say that it'll be... A piece of CAKE!?

...yah ok i'll leave now
nuclear-smash's avatar
Goodpie, dude 🍰👋
Aozora210's avatar
I love your Bugsy so much, is that okay?
nuclear-smash's avatar
It's very ok
I love him too,,,
pawsomenss's avatar
ah, of course
the bad knifey vibes are,,,for cake,,,and only cake
nothing else
no bad vibes here
Bugsy only radiates good vibes and holds knives for *good* of course
nuclear-smash's avatar
Of course, of course! He needs his bug catching knife to make his bug catching... cake
good vibes only!
Supertmuzz's avatar's rigged.
the cake is... rigged.
LionheartedPhoenix's avatar
I HAPPEN TO THINK THIS LOOKS JUST AS AMAZING IN BLACK AND WHITE AS IT DID IN COLOR. you keep doing you. And this page made me snicker so much hehe 
nuclear-smash's avatar
AAA THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH :heart: I'm glad you liked it in black and white;;; :heart: !!!
And also glad it didn't fail to make you snicker as well hh
LionheartedPhoenix's avatar
With pleasure, YOOO your art never cease to amaze me, whether in black or white or color!
LionheartedPhoenix's avatar
[ blows you kisses ] <3
GammaEmerald's avatar
Oh god I don’t like this without color it looks so depressing
nuclear-smash's avatar
Eh, not much I can do about it 
I personally think it gives it's own feel to it, but I guess I'm just used to reading tons of black and white comics so there's that
EurekaTrollcat's avatar
Cooking show. So THAT is what the big knife was about.

I hope I hope.
nuclear-smash's avatar
Yea dude
Why else would you randomly have a knife in your hands while talking on your phone
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