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Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke [PAGE 1]

Oh my god,it's finally finished. After such a long time struggling with my half dead program and slow computer,it's finally here.
The first page of this.
How will it turn out later on?
Well,we will find out on the next episode of DBZ

Cover: Cover for Arc 1
Next page: PAGE 2
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manly cammy when she says 'YES" :P

Battledroidunit047's avatar
This is gonna go about as well as any other...
nuclear-smash's avatar
Well, you'll see for yourself
Hope you'll enjoy it, though!
PyroShadow117's avatar
omg Cammy I wish you luck
srzueira333's avatar
Guess who is going to re-read the comics again!?!?

Yeah, me!

save me
nuclear-smash's avatar
"Save me" tbh relatable LMAO
Good luck, you'll need it in this wild run
AquaticBandage's avatar
C A M M Y,  Y E S.
nuclear-smash's avatar
And so Gabby's adventures on reading my weird comic has begun
NintendoPie's avatar
Fuck it up Cammy !
nuclear-smash's avatar
More like fuck everything up and make this comic into a nonsense
CommanderJose's avatar
You know I wouldn't be soo happy to see my closest most beloved friends die in unexpected ways but that's just me :/
nuclear-smash's avatar
Cammy got this, trust me
Velink's avatar
gonna start reading your nuz comic!
it looks like it is some good stuff!

oh god, is that man on newspaper nekkid?
nuclear-smash's avatar
I am happy that my nuz caught your eye B)

And yes, he is super nakey
How else can you survive doing a challenge without losing clothes
ThomasIsMe's avatar
I can see this is gonna be a good one, time to read
nuclear-smash's avatar
It even gets better B)
DigiDead's avatar
I can't wait to see all of the references B)
turtleness's avatar
ohh this looks like it's going to be a fun run! 
nuclear-smash's avatar
You betcha
The amount of puns and references will be increasing within every new page
turtleness's avatar
looking forward to that :'D
Dragonalfa122's avatar
OMG dat face thou XD
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