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Emery Concept Art

By NuciComs
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A concept doodle I went half-ass overboard with. XD
Redesign of one of my old RPG game characters...

Who knows where this will lead me? All I know is I'm happy with this result... such improvement LOL [which is why I'm even sharing this lol... now I'm obligated to try this hard for every new submission.]

Too bad this concept sketch took like three days. XD
Maybe now that I'm better adjusted it will be shorter, :iconlazycryplz:
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all kinds of gorgeous 
dat outfit :icondatass:
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Lol, thanks so much! I'm hoping to be able to draw more of her (and my other characters) soon. XD
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i need to do that with my characters (haven't showed them enough love)
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Super smitten with this!
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The way you draw hair is always so wispy and pretty *.*
NuciComs's avatar
:'D Hey, thanks! I love drawing hair *A*
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Amazing design! All elements fits so well to each other *_* And colors ! <3
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Ooh! Thanks so much! :D
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I love how she looks like a peacock
Some very lovely dark colours used
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Hehe, thanks Deusy Deus. ;w; :heart:
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she is so beautiful! *o* I luv her!
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Thanks buddy ;w; <3
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Please promise me you will never ask me to draw her. I think this much detail would kill me. :iconlazycryplz:
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.... >:}
*camps for next kiriban*

LMAO if I do ever ask for an overly complex character you can say no... or change their outfit. LOL
I had initially given her many more feathers but I decided it was too much to animate. XD
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Oh you evil woman, you.

I will draw whatever you request. Because it's a challenge and I can't back down. I'll just die doing it. XD
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About time! Omg! I really like the shading on the hair. :3
Also, her color scheme, IT REMINDS ME OF A PEACOCK!

Is she a peacock?!
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Yeah, I tried on the skin and hair then was like pfffffffffff with the rest, got what practice I needed out of that so I was totally ready to move on to actual pictures rather than concept art. LOL
[Made me some nice brushes kukuku]

But I refused to move along until this was 'done' so... xD

And no, she's not a peacock, just a mage- but! She did pick a peacock theme to accent her SUPER PROTECTIVE armor.
Those are peacock/phoenix feathers... XD
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<3 Fancy mage, I like it.
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