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By NuciComs
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So I'm totally doing this: [link]

...except, I'm not just doing girls, I'm converting OCs into monsters, and I'm not rushing this to do it everyday. XD So it's like a 30 theme challenge to me. I NEED to practice out of my comfort zone!! [So aside from monsters, I tried out this dramatic shading thing, and I hope it looks good XD]

WEEE practice. I'm going to be gradually doing these to keep the art flow going when I seem to not be able to draw anything/to take breaks. :U

So anyway, this was "number" 7, the plant girl. :D
Caliburn immediately suggested Rose Ame... and DAMN IT if it doesn't click. As much as I love cats...... and catgirls......

Done completely on Sai with a mouse, though those shaped sparkles and text were added in Photoshop.
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mmm lovely in purple
bowser369's avatar
My favorite color beautifully portrayed
NuciComs's avatar
Thank you! Purple is my LIFE
KnightRider2k's avatar
Gorgeous purple-haired beauty! Sexy stretch ;)
NuciComs's avatar
Thank you! :blush:
Ame (as she was called) ended up being tweaked a bit and renamed Nuciferyne (she's still my persona, though). I really liked the rose lady concept so I adopted that haha. (And I was told it suited me more :love:)

This was back before this account got transitioned to strictly commissioned artwork, and also my last mouse-only work. :D
C-O-N-E-C-O's avatar
The linear and coloring is so pretty. Great job :D
Caim-The-Order's avatar
O o O oh my gosh!! i am staring at her.....
she is soo beautiful !!
very alluring indeed :love::blush::love:
NuciComs's avatar
Why thank you ;D
I hope I'll be able to draw her more often once I get all my work wrapped up. ;w;
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I honestly dn't know how I haven't seen this but i am jealous of how much progress you have made with your art. :heart: This is so appealing and beautifully colored! I love the saturation of colors and the contrast you used for the the woman vs her environment. A lot of planning seemed to go into this. great job :)
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xD! Oh wow, thanks so much. This was my final 'mouse work' lol
Hopefully I'll continue to improve now that I'm actually using a tablet.

I'd been really trying to get this sort of look into a picture for along time, but I never felt like it would 'work' with much of my previous stuff. Then this one I was like awww yesss. XD
PreciousAngelWings's avatar
welcome :D lol I am working with touch pad because my tablet is not that good and i don't have a mouse ^^;

It's hard. it takes planning really and truly :) When I get around to it, i'll take pics (good-ish pics) of my school work. Because now I get to do most of them as i want with open ended guidelines :) SO my personal stuff may be bleeding into my classwork. :heart:
NuciComs's avatar
KyleX20309's avatar
Your're welcome!
1dex1's avatar
Atlas0's avatar
What a bold inking style. Very good work =)
NuciComs's avatar
Thank you! :D
I'd been wanting to try out the 'bold inks' for a while. XD!
Finally did. It's not easy with a mouse though, so it took forever. @_@

But I'm hoping now that I'm attempting to adjust to the tablet, things like this will get easier. :D
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T____T *dies on the inside*
You draw sexy poses the way I wish I could.
I need to take notes!
NuciComs's avatar
;w; I have a way of 'corrupting innocence' so you know, we'll work on that LOL
But it gets addicting sorta. Like, I try to draw normal, and Cal is always like "Even your normal people are sexy wtf"...

Maybe it's me, I dunno XD
Selaphi's avatar
That happens with me, I draw a lot of hips and the like.
It is fun to draw though. <_< I have a handful of them hiding on my HD.
NuciComs's avatar
It really is.. XD
I think it's because curves are fun. That's why I like drawing women and hair so much LOL
Selaphi's avatar
Yesss. Curves and hair, the best part! ( Boobies included. >3 )
LukeMif's avatar
Pretty, smexy and beautiful :D
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