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THAT LIFE (see journal below) IS NOT GOING SO HOT GUYS LOL Tire blew out, towed and replaced. Had no fridge, maxed out credit card for basic fridge that actually fit the space-- but FOOD! Propane needed checking and whatnot. Done! No ISP here beyond satellite BS... saving up.... and now.... SEPTIC TANK IS MESSED UP, OUR BATHROOM IS A CESSPOOL AND NO ONE SERVICES HERE WITHOUT HUGE DISTANCE FEES... that I can't afford because I just fixed the other $1200 worth of problems and bills are due Monday. RIP it was a nice life for the few hours I got to enjoy it. Here lies Nuci, she died under the pressure of everyone's shit after all! LMAO Please bombard me with memes or cute animals to help keep me laughing. I appreciate the emotional support. :') (Also any fundraising suggestions would be fantastic, since gofundme has never amounted to anything lol) Said Journal:
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Bloop, I made a Ko-Fi too since a few have mentioned it! Ko-Fi :: PayPal
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Survived covid, we've moved, we're safe -- now I just have to gain some funds for necessities and furniture! Car blowing a tire right off kinda... set back a bit too. Not to mention... need to invest in satellite internet since apparently that's our ONLY OPTION HERE. I never thought I'd face this again since moving out of the ol' farmlands in VA but... HERE WE ARE! LOL Mobile signal is spotty at best, but I'm doing my best to update here. Anyway... since I work 60 hours a week and I'm still way behind on catching up; I can't re-open commissions. So, I'm going to try and populate my Gumroad store a little more! If you'd like to help your girl out, there's a few ways that'd be absolutely great!!! I'll make this short and sweet so, here's a link to some ways to help out if you can! Otherwise, signal boosting is greatly appreciated. :heart: Also note; I'm not trying to guilt or beg or anything. We'll survive without!!! This is purely for those of
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Happy Valentine's Day, Nuci! :heart:

I hope you are well and continue making all kinds of beautiful art. :-)

Hi, Nuci! I noticed in your "Meet The Artist" page that you like cheese.

If you don't mind me asking, what sorts of cheese?

Honestly, I haven't really found a cheese I don't like if it's paired with the right ingredients. I can't eat cheeses like Brie and Blue Cheese though since they're aged with mold and I'm deathly allergic.

Pepperjack cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar are my golden trio. I like pepperjack for snacks and sandwiches, mozz for melty goodness and CHEESE STICCCKKKS, and cheddar is just so versatile. White cheddar is great too!!! Just so hard to find, ugh!

I also like adding asiago and parmesan as a sprinkle type topping. I've also taken to getting the packages and blocks of melting cheeses. Oaxaca is one I recently picked up and have been playing with because it melts soooo niceeely. Muenster is also nice from what I've had of it. I've dabbled with feta cheese too recently. I'd be a lot more adventurous if I wasn't having to research every type before trying to make sure it isn't aged with mold. :cries:

Wow, that's an excellent response! :-) Sorry you have to do so much research, but I'm glad you have a fondness for cheese. I'm not exactly obsessed with it, but I can't lie that foods just wouldn't be the same without it.

Happy Birthday, Nuci! You are a fantastic artist and I hope 2021 will be good to you. :heart: :-)

Wonderful work!

Hi do you Take requests or art exchange? Big fan of your Artworks:3