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Deadpool: Alvin Lee

Hey everyone!
long time no decent work

Go to my blog to find my latest 3D work! : [link]

Here is what alot of you have been waiting for, the finished Deadpool piece. In the end it became very frustrateing and all I wanted to do was finish the god dam thing. It was my first time doing buildings properly so yea there was alot of experimentation work which went into the background, redid some of the buildings 4 times.

So yea I did spend many hours working on this piece, but finally I can say its done! and I feel I learnt alot on the way.

Hope you guys like it :)

Lines: Alvin Lee

Colours: Nubry

Time: too long...

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Buildings came out pretty great for a first time.
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holy shit son. Marvel should hire you for real!
I love this piece the emotion, the focus, the carelessness. Deadpool in action with all his expertise,dedicatation and his crippling self sense of domination. Absolutely great.
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THAT WAS FREAKIN GREAT! i love this pic! putin it as my back grounds =D
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that is amazing!!!!!! wow that is really kick ass, which im 100% sure that u have gotten comments like these. anyway its still awsum!!!
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Thanks! Glad you like it :)
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this shot make matrix look like teletubies... it's grat to see how deadpool is pissed (i mean reelly pissed not "insane-lunatic" pissed)
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Thanks! Glad you like it :)
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hey nurby i know ur really good and the deadpool peice look amazing, i was wandering if you could look at my deadpool i did and give me some advise. here is the link: [link]
man this is the best ive seen on deviant art well done istant watch easy fave add!!
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Thanks man means a lot to me :)
no probs love your stuff only just started drawing not great but learning fast :-)

hope one day i ll be at this level i ve defiantely got the knack so to speak

i struggle with hands though grrrr !!
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bad ass man! makes me want to draw dead pool!
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Thanks man glad it inspires you :)
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yeah man! im a draw deadpool after i finish nigt crawler!
so awsome...
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Love the finish you did on this. Awesome job man!!!
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Thanks man I am very happy with it also
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this inspired me to do a comic page of deadpool vs logan because i kept thinking what's he jumping from and behold its wolverine!
not complete updating as i go check it here: [link]
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the perspective is godlike!!!!
combined with the splitted glass and the shells it looks insane!!
respect man!
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