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Dead Pool: jpm1023

Hey guys this is another practice piece I did cause I was board (I really should have been doing my Uni work). Did i this afternoon in about 2 hrs and I am more happy with this piece thaa any other piece I have ever coloured. After getting all your feedback on my STYLE! journal it got me thinking what my work might look like if I went back to useing the same pallet I did when I started doing this about a year ago, and I dont know about you guys but I think this piece turned out amazing so I will certainly be using this technique from now on :)

Lines by: jpm [link]

Colours by: Nubry

Oh and for those of you who dont know this guy is Dead Pool
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What exactly do you use to color your images ? They're all awesome!
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dead pool é muinto foda
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Wow!Deadpool to be the Mr.MUSCLE
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Too musuculated..I thought...
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I dident draw it mate only coloured :)
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i don't know much about dead pool since like yesterday I started liking him ^^;

he was in a cartoon movie. He loves to talk right?
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Amazing! Deadpool looks great! You're amazing1
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Thank you Im glad you like it :)
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Ahhh... Deadpool is love and win held together with duct tape...
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Yea he is wickid awsome
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I got to take pictures with an awesome Deadpool cosplayer at Metrocon this year. I went as Nightcrawler. XD
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Glad you like it!
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great colors! rock'n pic!
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Thanks again!
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great backlighting
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Thanks mate
Glad you like it!
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it really is a good looking technique. are the brush setting set to drag/fade a little to look like paint?
good job!
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Indeed they are and Im also useing a graphire tablet.
Thanks for the comment :)
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Yeah! It's great. I didn't think you could posibly still improve, but you proved me wrong! Great work!
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