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Ride For The Cure

By NubianKitten
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Andrea Libman (voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy) participated in the Ride To Conquer Cancer bike tour and sent out a request for artists to draw her characters riding a bike. I was on vacation when the call happened and I decided that when I got home I'd do something anyway. I modified one of my previous pics and unfortunately was already halfway through it when I found out it was BICYCLES and not MOTORCYCLES. Oh well...I had fun with it and I hope that she'll get a chance to see this someday.
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hmmm. looks like a Harley-Davidson Fatboy with a chopper kit. Nice work man!
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Wow! Missed this! In favorites now!
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Is she doing this again?
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While I'm not sure if Andrea Libman is doing another call-out for artists, I do know that she is participating again.
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Well, then, maybe she'll solicit new artwork for this year's edition. :)
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Is it bad that I myself can joke about breast cancer because, I have only one breast (Pec muscle)The answer is for whomever to decide :) Though I think it is both bad and good.
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*plays the guitar solo*
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Love it. Great work!
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You are welcome :)
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As a rider myself, and supporter of the organization... I approve!

She's gonna have some trouble with that shifter, though. ;P
NubianKitten's avatar
Thank you for your support!

And as far as the shifter goes...Pinkie Pie logic!
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Damn this is freakin' epic! Not entirely sure a motorcycle would be allowed on a bike tour, but if it's Pinkie riding it I guess that it'll be fine...
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Thank you! I'm sure The Pinkster would find a way to get in. ;)
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How do you confuse "Bike" and "Motorcycle"?

Motorcycles like that are usually called "Hogs" Or "Choppers", bikes are more Yamaha and other pocket rocket Japanese bikes.

Really nice artwork, just remove the cartoon horses, they are kinda ruining it.
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"just remove the cartoon horses"

I think you missed the point of Andrea Libman's request.
NubianKitten's avatar
Thank you. I wasn't about to explain something that seemed obviously...well, obvious.
NubianKitten's avatar
The original description was very vague with the detailing of two-wheeled transportation. I have no problem telling the difference between the two.

As far as "ruining" the artwork, that is your opinion and a very rude and disrespectful one at that.
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