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Room Layout [2D and 3D]

Is it too small? TELL ME.
Thanks for all those positive comments~! :la:

Um. Okay, I forgot to upload this. :|
Like it? (Zoom in for extra viewing.)

So, um... Adios! :peace:

(Actually, you can change the furniture's colours. And, you can decorate the walls, but I'm too lazy. :iconrddealwithitplz:)
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wow we actually have kitchen O7O
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ahh sorry, while we'll still provide a cooking space, this design is outdated. ^^;

thank you for commenting though, i completely forgot to remove this from the group! please look forward to the updated design soon! :D
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Ohh is dat so :D
This is the best having kitchen in the hostel omg cant wait for the new ver *^*)9

Who will be my bois roommate i wonder xD
nuazka's avatar
yee cooking helps kids save money so :"D
fire alarms will be in every room just in case x"D

it's a first-come-first-serve reservation so it'll be fun hahah
please look forward to the announcement in the future! :D
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yea dats totally right and dats actually make the dorm more feel like home right danmmmmmm
Lol wonder who will made the alarm active first :iconmingplz:

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:iconmingcryplz: we'll see whenever it happens

all the admins are quite busy for now (T_T
but we'll try our best!! hopefully we'll try to announce and start it when everyone's available :")

thank you so much for your patience and enthusiasm :D !!
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Hahaha yea xD
It would be fun woooo people with water power would be helpin too i supposed hahaha

Yea you people are all grown up qwq and here i am finally free from most of stuff xD
I shalt wait for as long as you people need >;3

Awww its nothing its just me wanna play with the group dat made most of my memory here possible at da :D
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I'm so touched aaaa :iconasdfghplz:
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WOW!REALLY AMAZING!!! i love the design of the room. i hope my school is like this...
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Alah. Bilik suma dah full? Baru nak masukkan cikgu(oc) sy lam nih. Tapi dah full pulak. :iconsawbplz:
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Buat lah dia tinggal kat apartment berdekatan ke? :3 Maaflah, tapi dah lama dah penuh. ^^; Kitaorang cadang nak buat asrama baru. o3o
Alia78904's avatar
Hm, boleh jugak. Nak form utk cikgu,boleh? OwO
nuazka's avatar
Boleh, tapi application form tu masih tak siap. ^^; Tapi bukan saya buat lah. Cuba siapkan lukisan cikgu je dulu boleh? Harap maaf. ^^;
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Boleh saja~ Note-kan saya link utk form tu bila siap boleh tak? OwO
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Boleh, insya-Allah. ^^
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wow..the room is so COOL...<3
but they're full now..i guess i'll live in an aprtement =_=
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Can I have a copy of the 3d file?
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I don't know how actually. ^^;

So here's the plan if you still want to see it. [link]
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Wow. Now, with the 3D plan, that is really beautiful! Holy God of the whole universe...

Oh, if, and only if, dorms at my school could be that good...

(clears throat)Umm... well, nice work on the interior. Those OCs living here would definitely feel... umm... well, I'm lacking adjectives.
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Thanks! I love designing things~ :D

IKR? Well, this isn't real. So it's free.
If there IS an academy with rooms like that, I'd doubt it's free.
Thank you for the compliment! :iconblush--plz:
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