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Winter Wonderland - Pac

By nuaHs
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Another Wallpaper pac for ya all! :D
Available in three resolutions this time. Unfortunately I could not manage a 1920x1200 res in this pic.
Hope you like it!!
Please feel free to comment! And enjoy!! :w00t:

File Name: Winter_Wonderland_Pac.rar
File Size: 1.65 MB

Resolutions included in download:
© 2007 - 2021 nuaHs
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It is very funny that you used an "eagle" for this that will never come in touch with snow because it is a southers species and a migrant bird that leaves in autumn to avoid the winter.
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Could I use it like a stock in photomanipulation ? (not nude, rasist or something like that)
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very good wallpaper

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Thank you for sharing this lovely wallpaper! I used it in my personal artwork here: [link]

I changed the tone and put a lens blur on it to make it look more realistic within the render. Hope I did it justice :)
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Beautiful... the hawk is a nice touch :)
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will be featured @ smokingdesigners.com
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Your stock is amazing and it fits perfectly to my concept for this work I'm Awake in the Infinite Cold. This graphic is, of course, just for personal use.

Thanks very much!
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this is great!!!
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this is amazing...i love it!!
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This is amazing! I love it. Just... Wow!
But *cough* is there supposed to be a skull in that planet? Because I am seeing a skull. Or is it just my creepy imagination messin with me again?
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hey look at this: [link]
(i know it is in german, but maybe you can translate it(google translate)) i think this is amazing! (i found this WP there, it's great!)
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thx for share this!
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Sorry I have use your wallpaper as request of one of my friends Idea for his favorite mexican soccer team. and posted before asking your permition, so Can I use it or you want me to delated.

I am not planing to use it to gain money with it. by the way it is in fact a very
impressive wallpaper. very beautiful job.
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LOVE the wallpapers! YOU ROCK! I loaded most of them to my new notebook. Thank you for making my day -- :boogie: ~Samantha
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