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Beyond the Valley V.2

Alright! Another Wallpaper!! :w00t:
I really, REALLY like this one; spent a little bit of time on it every day over the course of three days untill I got what wanted and I still ended up with two versions ;P


This version is basically the same as the first version with the addition of the tree. I felt like there was something missing and found this tree in the Resurge stock resources so I went to cutting it out and placed it over the original wallpaper and loved it! After adding a little color to it and some level adjustment this is the result.
I still really like both versions so that's why I am releasing both; you can decide which you want to use ;)


I have used three stocks for this wallpaper.
The mountains I have used before here: Glacial Mountains, the tree and the mountains are from Resurge :iconresurgere:
The other stock used is the grass, found here from Open Field.


I have spent most of the time on the clouds trying to add a little more dimension to them than some of the other wallpapers I have made. I also toned down the space portion of it a bit with only small stars and no nebula as well as a cresent Moon. I really like the way it turned out and hope you do as well :D

Check out Version 1 as well for something a little different.

All comments welcome!!


Download Includes:
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I like this a lot-- it's serene yet somber. It's an interesting piece. Great job!
I like this a lot-- it's very serene, yet somber. An interesting piece. Great job!
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This reminds me of the final episode of the David the Gnome series at the end of the final episode.
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may i use this in a manipulation please?
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Here is is on my DA

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I love this! it is so amazing and..mystic! I was wandering if I could use this for a kennel banner on all it would be used for is to represent a dog and the fake "kennel" Its a virtual dog showing sght. all it will have on it is a dog and the kennel name. If you do allow me to use this then I wil credit you and give a link leading to your DA account if you would like again amazing work I absolutly love it!
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Omg, it's a perfect picture for my computer!
Thank you, I love it! ;D
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Wow... that's beautiful. I've seen a few of your works while searching dA for wallpapers and backgrounds, and I must say they never fail to impress!

I want to ask you, would it be okay if I used this piece as the backdrop for a piece of gift art I'm doing? All credit will be given where rightfully deserved.

Much appreciated!
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I could use this as a wallpaper somethign. It looks very beautiful +fav
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Nice I almost can see the tree as a birds head. Before I went to full view that is what I thought it was.
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Wow, this is really pretty. I like the grass and the leaves and everything is so detailed.
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Oh my god..


total of 3 favorited wallpapers = 3 wallpapers from you

Continu, i need your talent for my lcd's ;)
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Great work. Sure Fav+.

check out my gallery for digital art.
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nice JOB m8!
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