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Beyond the Valley

Alright! Another Wallpaper!! :w00t:
I really, REALLY like this one; spent a little bit of time on it every day over the course of three days untill I got what wanted and I still ended up with two versions ;P


This version is a little more ';plain' than the other; I like how open it is and thought some people might like it more than the other version, especially if they have their icons on the left of the desktop.


I have used two stocks for this wallpaper. The mountains I have used before here: Glacial Mountains, it's from Resurge :iconresurgere:
The other stock used is the grass, found here from Open Field.


I have spent most of the time on the clouds trying to add a little more dimension to them than some of the other wallpapers I have made. I also toned down the space portion of it a bit with only small stars and no nebula as well as a cresent Moon. I really like the way it turned out and hope you do as well :D

Check out Version 2 as well for something a little different.

All comments welcome!!


Download Includes:
© 2007 - 2021 nuaHs
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i mean may i use this for a manipulation please if i credit you on the photo and description?
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Mind If I Use This Picture For My Site If I Promise To Credit It?
Would you mind is I used this for a photo manipulation??? Credits would be on the image, and I would send you the finished product.
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¡buenísimo! :D
I totally loved it :)
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This guy posted your wallpaper [link]
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Nice, nice, nice.....
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Thanks for the share. The picture is awsome!
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whats more to say? an outstanding artist, thats what you are. you make the magic happen in your work.
and btw, i love this wall !!

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I love this one best :)
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This is so cool! I can stare at it and so many stories come to mind... So inspiring! :heart:
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you're very welcome. :)
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I'm no god :rofl:
But I'm sure ya meant good ;)
so, thanks!! :D
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fantastic work yet again !!
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SUPERB!!!! Amazing stuff m8 luv it ;).
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I like this one more. But they're both fantastic!
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