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Hello again everybody! Since another year has comed and passed, we've had alot of bizarre things that have happened thoughout the year, and with the new year itself now here, lets hope the new year will be much better than the last. I have decided that after when I upload a few more submissions, I will be going on a hiatus for a while, so I will be leaving a journal to explain on what's to come in the future. I just want to say to all of friends and watchers out there to have a happy new year and expect big things from me to come throughout the new year!
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A shot of two characters being bored. 

I can't reveal who it is that are bored at the moment. It is a surprise.

Work in progress.
Brawl (WIP)
A battle between two opponents. 

I can't reveal who it is that will be fighting each other at the moment. It is a surprise. 

Work in progress. 
4076's discovery

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the long absence. There was stuff going on, plus I had huge artist block, but now I'm back.

Here is a new pic portraying the hypothetical recovery of AT&SF 's 2-8-2 #4076, basically taking place in my Nick The Steam Engine universe.  

Here is a little story to go along with it.

4076: What happened? What's going on? How long was I down there?

Representative: Good to see that you are still alive.

4076: Who are you? What's going on?

Representative: I am the representative of the organization that has come to retrieve you out of the Kaw River. And I assume you are the missing engine #4076?

4076: That's right.

Representative: I was hoping it was you.

4076: What's happened here? Why does the world look so different? How long was I underwater.

Representative: You've been underwater for nearly seventy years now. Much has changed since 1951.  

4076: I see. But what happened to steams engines? Where are my friends, and my siblings? Where are they?

Representative: I'm afraid they were all taken for scrap. There were scrapped years after the bridge collaspe. The remaining engines that were used to hold up the bridge were taken for scrap after the flood had subsided and the bridge was rebuilt.


Representative: But fortunately, many of them have been saved. They are now preserved and have been donated to various parks and museums and heritage railways as well.

4076: Really? That is great news to hear. Hold on. I remember something. There were two other engines on that bridge that had gone into the river when part of the bridge collaspe, long before I fell into the river as well. What about them?

Representative: If you are talking about 3167 and 1035, don't worry, we've recovered them. They were much closer to the bridge when it had collaspe. So it was easier to retrieve them from there first.

4076: Really? You've found them? That's a relief to hear.

Representative: We have been interested in your case for a long time now, and we figured that we couldn't just let three relics from America's history be left to rust in the river.

4076: Indeed. But what will happened to us? Where will we go? We can't honestly be useful if we're rusty and covered in mud and dirt and having been underwater for so long?

Representative: We have arrange to take you to a holding facility for a while until we find a place or places for all three of you.

4076: So does that mean you will restore us?

Representative: Once we have found a home for all three of you, it will be considered.

4076: It would be nice to steam under my own power once again.

I think I might update the story over time.

This scene is based on the ending of Captain America: The First Avenger with Steve Rogers awaking nearly 70 years into the future.

I tried to make the engine look like it was dirty and covered in mud and water logged for about seventy years. I'm not sure how well it turned out, but I think I did alright in the end.

The reason why I did this pic was to spread this support group on Facebook known as "Save4076" that wants to raise funds to dig up AT&SF 4076 along with 3167 & 1035 from the bottom of the river.

You can check them out here.

And here is another aritcle relating to the engines that are in the Kaw River.…

It would be nice to help spread this about and to help get the three engines that are sunk at the bottom of the Kaw River out of there and restore them.

And yes, you can send this over to the Facebook page I just mentioned. It would mean a lot to help spread this around.





Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello everybody! I am Nick The Steam Engine Fan, or NTSEFAN as some of you may know me as.

I'm just a laidback guy who just draws for the shits and giggles. It's always been a passion of mines.

This will be the homepage for my series Nick The Steam Engine and friends and I will be doing other things as well like Memes, reviews, and writing as well.

I'm also a fan of creepypastas as well, so be on the look out for some new stories and some new characters and stuff.

I'll be doing some TF Animated related things as well with character designs as well and a possible TFA season 4 fanfic as well.

I will also do reviews under the alias of 'The Nickmeister' for The Nickmeister Reviews. I will be review movies, tv shows, comics and the likes.

Since I love the railway series, I'll be doing fanfictions for it as well.

I'll also be doing another series known as the youngsters.

I am a huge fan of Soul Eater as well.

I love Lionel trains as well, so you might see some pics on them someday.

I am a guy who isn't afraid to stand up for himself and likes to crack some jokes.

I am a very reclusive responder. It takes me a while to muster up the will to respond to other comments and such.

Got something just drop me a line.

I am a very SLOW artist. I tend to take time with such stuff.

I draw for free. Anything to say, just ask.

Yes I roleplay, although I'm very rusty at it.

If you like my art, feel free to watch me if you want.

Here's what I draw:

I'm a big railfan so I like either steam, diesel, or electric related. I draw any kind of trains I like although the ones I know are from America, European, or Australian. The trains I draw are usually the anthro type, so you'll be seeing a lot of those.

Since I like creepypastas, I draw either Canons, OCs, slenderbeings, proxies, monsters, demons, zalgoids, etc. If you have any of the following, I will draw them for free, although I will likely use older designs or them because I might like them. I may draw them in group shots if you want.

Any cartoons I know. They'll be physically my choices.

My title cards for The Nickmeister Reviews. They are my choices, so don't ask.

I draw these as well cause I like weird outlandish creatures.

I do them when I'm bored. So look out for those.

T&F or RWS related
Since I love Thomas and the railway series, I do these as well.

Here's what I won't draw:

Anything that's too challenging
I'm not that skilled, so don't ask. If my skills ever build up, I might reconsider.

If you ever ask me this, I swear I will give you a virus. I am not here to satisfy your sexual desires. As much as I like it, I'm not doing it. So don't even try asking for it.

Stuff I've never seen
If I have never seen it in my life, I won't draw it if I don't know it.

Very realistic stuff
The only realistic stuff I'll do is photographs. Again, I'll reconsider if my skills build up.

I'm not a yaoi fan, so don't even ask me cause I find it awkward. I am not into it and I will not draw it. I might make exceptions, but don't count on it. Just because I don't like it does NOT mean I'm homophobic.

Fat art
Dear Christ, no, I'm not doing this! I will not draw this because I find it disgusting, and I do not find fat girls sexy or attractive in the slightest. So don't even ask me.

Need points? Go to dAhub! :points:



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