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TMNT 2012 -Looong Rant-
Advertence: If you are a harcore Apritello fan or "Ramona" fan.... don't read this rant.
Ok I am going to do a looong rant so if you don't want to read it all its ok. Just letting this clear... everything here is MY OPINION and only that.
First I want you to know how much time I have as a TMNT fan so you won't think I have only seen this series cause I have not. My experience with TMNT started around 1998 or so. I got my Nes and with it 4 games, one which was TMNT Manhattan Project, I played it several times and got to Shredder several times and was a hard boss to defeat at that time. I saw ALL the Live action movies and part of the classic series (1987) and the other Live action series. Also saw the Crossover with Power Rangers. Once my bro got his PS2 I got the chance to play the game of TMNT 2K7 based on the movie and defeated it at least twice with an almost perfect score. After all that I had to make a short pause. Sadly I didn't had the chance to read the classic comics since tho
:iconelihedgie95:EliHedgie95 6 18
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I appreciate the support.

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You guys ever have that feeling when you are favoring so many pics from other artists that you just don't know how you want to sort them in order?

I've had that kind of feeling for a while.
  • Listening to: random music
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: random videos
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: random things
  • Drinking: pepsi


You guys ever have that feeling when you are favoring so many pics from other artists that you just don't know how you want to sort them in order?

I've had that kind of feeling for a while.
  • Listening to: random music
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: random videos
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: random things
  • Drinking: pepsi
Hello everyone!

I'm here to bring you yet another pic.

This picture is to show you the relationship between my scientist OC Dr. Xavier and the Slenderman.

You see, in my universe, Slenderman relies upon Xavier to mass produce and make some of the magic weapons and gadgets that some of the proxies that serve the Slenderman use, since the Slenderman has high connections to Underworld Cybernetics and he always turns to Dr. Xavier whenever hew has a request for him.  

Xavier has always held his and Slenderman's partnership in high regards, although sometimes Slendy will sometimes question Xavier whenever something "odd" goes on in regards to anything, be it either the weapons produced by Underworld Cybernetics, their partnership, the state of the world, etc.

Short story will come soon.


Dr. Xavier (C) :iconntsefan: AKA me

Slenderman (C) :iconvictor-surge:
Making a kill
Here is a pic show off The Mutational Terror himself actually making a kill.

That's right, for the first time, I have actually drawn a pic of one of my characters slaughtering somebody.

This pic is to show you exactly how TMT basically targets his prey. This is one of the several ways of how he kills his prey. He will run down his target on all four legs (since he is a quadriped) and bring them down before ripping out his inerts with his mighty jaws. And yes, he does eat his victims as well.  

The sequence you see is based on the Postosuchus's eating animation from the download game Carnivores: Triassic, made by Poharex.

The reason why I made this was to dedicate two things to it. The first being my love of the Carnivores game themselves, considering I have a copy of Carnivores 2 that I had gotten way back in easter in 2006 and it is what got me into the franchise itself, and the second being to one of the most influential members of the Carnivores community himself, Poharex, whose craft and skill had help make the Carnivores community into what it is by making the equivalent of three full fledge Carnivores games, Carnivores: Triassic, Mandibles and Carnivores +. 

I guess you could say is, Carnivores is what also helped influenced my CP/SV/SCP/Horror universe as a result.

All in all, this is probably my most darkest pic so far. And I'm proud of how it turned out.

Those with fear

This was one pic that I've had in my mind for a while. I've been trying to get this to look just right for the past couple of months, but now, I think I am satisfied.

Here is my proxy Tazer standing back to back with Hammer Head.

Why did I pick these two you may ask?

When I look at Hammer Head's biography, it just makes me think of my character Tazer, due to his similar background as well as his paranoia.

These two are partnered with each other by the orders of Slenderman and has sent the both of them on a mission.

The question is, who is more afraid of who?

Is Hammer Head afraid of Tazer because of his arm mounted tasers that he has and he might zap her by mistake? 

Is Tazer afraid of Hammer Head because she has her sledgehammer in her hands and she might smash his brains out with it?

Who knows, but one thing is for certain. They may not make it out of this alive if they don't put their trust in each other.

All of that aside, I really had quite fun doing Hammer Head for the first time and getting her colors to look just right. In the end, I think I am satisfied.

Doing the stitched pattern on her mask was not easy. I tried to drawed them as small as I could while coloring around them at the same time. I avoided doing the stitching in white color pencil for obvious reasons, considering that I wouldn't be able to tell where the line where, so I did them in pencil and erased some of the lines that crossed over each other to make the stitchings more solid. I think they turned out alright.

I should really get back to drawing my proxy OC someday. I need to do his new reference, cause that's WAY overdue.

I'll update the description later on.


Tazer (C) :iconntsefan:

Hammer Head (C) :icondororoxpenana:




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello everybody! I am Nick The Steam Engine Fan, or NTSEFAN as some of you may know me as.

I'm just a laidback guy who just draws for the shits and giggles. It's always been a passion of mines.

This will be the homepage for my series Nick The Steam Engine and friends and I will be doing other things as well like Memes, reviews, and writing as well.

I'm also a fan of creepypastas as well, so be on the look out for some new stories and some new characters and stuff.

I'll be doing some TF Animated related things as well with character designs as well and a possible TFA season 4 fanfic as well.

I will also do reviews under the alias of 'The Nickmeister' for The Nickmeister Reviews. I will be review movies, tv shows, comics and the likes.

Since I love the railway series, I'll be doing fanfictions for it as well.

I'll also be doing another series known as the youngsters.

I am a huge fan of Soul Eater as well.

I love Lionel trains as well, so you might see some pics on them someday.

I am a guy who isn't afraid to stand up for himself and likes to crack some jokes.

I am a very reclusive responder. It takes me a while to muster up the will to respond to other comments and such.

Got something just drop me a line.

I am a very SLOW artist. I tend to take time with such stuff.

I draw for free. Anything to say, just ask.

Yes I roleplay, although I'm very rusty at it.

If you like my art, feel free to watch me if you want.

Here's what I draw:

I'm a big railfan so I like either steam, diesel, or electric related. I draw any kind of trains I like although the ones I know are from America, European, or Australian. The trains I draw are usually the anthro type, so you'll be seeing a lot of those.

Since I like creepypastas, I draw either Canons, OCs, slenderbeings, proxies, monsters, demons, zalgoids, etc. If you have any of the following, I will draw them for free, although I will likely use older designs or them because I might like them. I may draw them in group shots if you want.

Any cartoons I know. They'll be physically my choices.

My title cards for The Nickmeister Reviews. They are my choices, so don't ask.

I draw these as well cause I like weird outlandish creatures.

I do them when I'm bored. So look out for those.

T&F or RWS related
Since I love Thomas and the railway series, I do these as well.

Here's what I won't draw:

Anything that's too challenging
I'm not that skilled, so don't ask. If my skills ever build up, I might reconsider.

If you ever ask me this, I swear I will give you a virus. I am not here to satisfy your sexual desires. As much as I like it, I'm not doing it. So don't even try asking for it.

Stuff I've never seen
If I have never seen it in my life, I won't draw it if I don't know it.

Very realistic stuff
The only realistic stuff I'll do is photographs. Again, I'll reconsider if my skills build up.

I'm not a yaoi fan, so don't even ask me cause I find it awkward. I am not into it and I will not draw it. I might make exceptions, but don't count on it. Just because I don't like it does NOT mean I'm homophobic.

Fat art
Dear Christ, no, I'm not doing this! I will not draw this because I find it disgusting, and I do not find fat girls sexy or attractive in the slightest. So don't even ask me.

Need points? Go to dAhub! :points:



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