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My Halloween Tonks Hair 2010-4



On the Friday before Halloween I got my hair done-because as always, I was Tonks for Halloween :) These are extensions because I'm not allowed to bleach my hair and dye it an odd color (but I did dye it a bit darker brown) and I know that Tonks has one color hair, but it's like Pink or purple etc, and it can always change and I can't. Because I'm human and not a Metamorphagus.

My solution? Rainbow hair :)

My highlights are Red, Blue, Purple, and Pink :)

And it took a total of three hours to get this all done x.x Sadly it won't last that long. That's why I wish we humans could be born with natural rainbow colored hair :) then I wouldn't have to go through this process and I could have my colorful hair!!! <3

This is actually one of the better pictures showing the color. Sadly you don't see a lot of it, mostly the purple and blue, but you can see a hint of pink in this. I don't think I have a single picture with all four hair colors, just because of where they were placed : / But at least this one you can clearly see how it frames my face :)...mostly
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