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My Halloween Tonks Hair 2010

On the Friday before Halloween I got my hair done-because as always, I was Tonks for Halloween :) These are extensions because I'm not allowed to bleach my hair and dye it an odd color (but I did dye it a bit darker brown) and I know that Tonks has one color hair, but it's like Pink or purple etc, and it can always change and I can't. Because I'm human and not a Metamorphagus.

My solution? Rainbow hair :)

My highlights are Red, Blue, Purple, and Pink :)

And it took a total of three hours to get this all done x.x Sadly it won't last that long. That's why I wish we humans could be born with natural rainbow colored hair :) then I wouldn't have to go through this process and I could have my colorful hair!!! <3
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You are so pretty i am dying to try it out could you get them same colors in stores for less than $20 dollars?
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and you are very pretty :blush:
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Tonk!!! :D I love her.

And I love your hair. :)

Have a nice evenning.
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Haha I love her too! (:(:

And thank you!!!: D

Have a nice evening!!! And thanks again!! (:
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You're welcome!


hehe :D
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I know!! I hope my hair is still highlighted! that way, I can FINALLY go as a character, and I'd go as Tonks (:(: I'm actually gonna post (at least one) of my Tonks for Halloween pics up here, so just keep watch. As soon as I get un-lazy and upload my photos on my camera, I'll put a couple up (: I even have rainbow braces (: I was really Tonksy this year!!!

And I really hope, as sad as it would make me, that she gets her death scene!!!
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yeah. :(

Me my favorite character is Luna lovergood. :D I dunno why but I LOVE her. :D

But for her death scene we'll have to wait another year :O :(
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Ha. Lunas cool :) She's my second fav-tied with Hermione!!!

Yeah but I hope we at least get it. And I hope shes in the first part a lot. They like to cut her out. And now we're at a point where she's barely in the books ANYWAYS. And it makes me sad. It kills me!
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Yeah, as in the 6th, then it's LUNA who get harry, and not tonks. :( I understand why, but still, it's sad!

Hey I saw in another picture of tou that you have some "dental retention" ... ( I dunno how you say this in english :O ), Me I've had this fot 5 years + a surgey ... and belive me, at the end, it pay off! :D really, really! I still can't belive the before / after ... O_O

Well, hermione and emma are awesome. Both of them! :D
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It is sad. I love my Tonksy :)

haha yep. Rainbow BRACES :) I only have to have braces for two years. I made them rainbow because I like color lol. haha I had fang looking canines, but those teeth dropped down and are now, for the most part, level with my other teeth :)

Haha yep. They are. :)
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