Courtesy and the Art of Saying Thank You

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Curiouser and curiouser ... or how I went down the rabbit hole :omg:

Well I have been having some very deep thoughts lately about "Courtesy and The Art of Saying Thank You".

It all started with the idea that it would be neat if the Activity page could be sorted by the Deviant or Deviation (the person who commented, faved, add a watch or by the image/poem in question) instead of just by date

I felt that this would be great for a number of reasons but, in particular, it would be helpful in the process of thanking people. I put this suggestion in a forum with the thought that it was a reasonably good idea...

Well, this stared a mini-controversy (mostly in my own head) about the etiquette and necessity of responding to and thanking people. (If you are interested in the actual conversation (forum) it is here…)

I have seen many comments on this in other Journals and felt that it has stimulated a lot of thought and interest... so I wanted to get in my two cents worth. :D

Anyway ... to justify my reasons for wanting to communicate my thanks as much as possible I quoted Robert A. Heinlein (incorrectly :shrug:); that got me thinking, it would be interesting to do a Poll and see what people thought about the quotes (both mine and Heinlein's).

So have fun and send in some feedback ... it will be interesting to see how my mini social experiment goes! :nod:

This is my first Poll so I hope I get it right ... :pray:

Here are 2 quotes that I would love to get feedback on!
Robert  A. Heinlein

Quote 1: "Moving parts in rubbing contact require lubrication to avoid excessive wear. Honorifics and formal politeness provide lubrication where people rub together. Often the very young, the untravelled, the naive, the unsophisticated deplore these formalities as empty, meaningless, or dishonest, and scorn to use them. No matter how pure their motives, they thereby throw sand into the machinery that does not work too well at best."

My (misquoted) version of the above:

Quote 2:  ""Humanity is a poorly running machine at the best of times ... being polite and courteous is the lubricant that helps to keep it running just a little smoother!"   So here are my questions!!! :O_o:

Okay ... now have fun and go and vote!!!




I have my latest image up for the Season's Contest being held by InLightImagery

Lady Winter - First Snow

Lady Winter - First Snow by NTGreen


All Entries…


There is a whole NEW set of featured artwork below ... hope you enjoy!



Winter Solstice Contest by thatcraftychick
Deadline January 31, 2008

Deadline January 31, 2009

Seasons Contest Stamp by 0-kelley-0
Deadline January 24, 2009 CLOSED


Hugs to all!


Some Wonderful Artist I Have Discovered I My Travels Throughout dA!!!

I have now put all featured art in Collections ... you can grab a whole group from My Favourites… (they are in three groups Artists, Singles and Previously Featured)

Magdalena's Dream by esstera Joy by esstera
See Valentine play by esstera Fantasy by esstera Luring by esstera




:thumb108794651: Fluidity by Ghost-Dreamer


Heart of Fire by Ghost-Dreamer
Prehistoric II by Ghost-Dreamer Noblesse by Ghost-Dreamer E-MU by Ghost-Dreamer


Austerity of Winter by wroth Iphigenia by wroth Drifting IV by wroth
Similes by the River X by wroth Held by wroth Moonset by wroth


New Singles:

:thumb100496795::thumb49439132: white beauty by stg123 Scrying by indigodeep deep Inside by MaggieBebbe Prayer by DeheartedNature Horse stock 15 by Ulvar-Stock Jodi Magnified Eye Portrait 7 by FantasyStock Angel of Pain by AmberCrystalElf:thumb104582491: Dancing in the sun by Black-Nemesi:thumb92172088:

Mature Content

CrIaTuRa iMaGiNaRiA by deadlybuterfly
White Water Lily by AlinaKurbiel Foggy by AlinaKurbiel


Previously Featured Artwork </u>

Hiding by CrystallineEssence Fool on The Hill by David-A-Wagner Bee Glad by David-A-Wagner A Change is in the Wind by David-A-Wagner :thumb82341334: :thumb102652160: :thumb88763979: Autumn Delights by Forestina-Fotos Twilight by Forestina-Fotos Satin Soft by Forestina-Fotos Midnight Dancer by Forestina-Fotos Eastern Tiger Swallowtail VII by David-A-Wagner _ImPRESSion_ by GregorKerle Picturesqueness 19 by GregorKerle :thumb90827261: On the Cross by lugubrum Time to Hunt... remix by HowlinDog :thumb96216377: White Water Lily by AlinaKurbiel Galway Landscape.. by urstardust by urstardust

Mature Content

El Jardin del Eden by lugubrum
The Times Before the Light by lugubrum Wallpaper NM by lugubrum Raining Again by AlinaKurbiel Eastern Box Turtle by AlinaKurbiel Shenandoah Treasure by AlinaKurbiel Grasshopper by AlinaKurbiel Little church by digitalarts65 Case con piccole finestre by digitalarts65 UP by digitalarts65 Archs by digitalarts65 Field of Vision by Mystik-Rider No Need to Talk... by Mystik-Rider All Men Dream, but... by Mystik-Rider :thumb90254469: L accordeon by Flore-stock Enchanted by mitrenga :thumb94969266: :thumb88420476: Autumn by InertiaRose Bane of the Fallen by HowlinDog :thumb76636754: Along came a Spider by KirstenLane Bulletproof by Kechake Bite. by chiosxe Anno Domini by mitrenga ENCHANTED by tb-black Piper's Dream by Onanymous :thumb99445084: Autumn by xgnyc Mystique by xgnyc Tabitha Studies by xgnyc :thumb86986962: The Scientist by IdaLarsenArt Winter Solstice by IdaLarsenArt Colias hyale. by prism77 Big Sur by ForeverCreative yesterday is today.... by JJohnsonArtworks :thumb84322510: Green Rocks by je5ta Antique model by eskimoblueboy dark by prism77 :thumb85445973: Autumn Sleep by blackFirefly Tamora Tamora by KonradB I'm a fake by Keizie From Heaven by Keizie The Herald by Biomech44 The Navigator by Biomech44 Insanity + Parasite by Biomech44 :thumb81022692: :thumb82964740: :thumb81200090: Alienation by ozplasmic Temptation by helcarosse id by SHiNiGAMi-Xiii Astray by Astorix Bird Woman by Astorix Clockwork Dragon by Astorix

My Favourite Stock Providers

I have not (yet) been able to work with all of these wonderful stock providers but I am inspired by their work and have plans to create something special with as much of it as possible before I am 80! ...I have seen some amazing artwork based on the truly incredible stock these artists provide!!! I applaud their dedication and talent!!!

:iconunicornreality: :iconlugubrum-stock: :iconalmudena-stock: :iconnicklaussestock: :iconmirandarose-stock: :iconartic-stock: :icontess-stock: :iconalegion-stock: :iconrestmlinstock: :iconjlstock: :iconkasstock: :iconasunderstock: :iconbnspyrd: :iconkuschelirmel-stock: :iconmasterwks-stock: :iconpersephonestock: :iconmondkalbstock: :iconmare-wrath-stock: :iconrebecca-parker-stock::iconelandria: :iconcausticstock: :iconhiddenyume-stock: :iconaegean-prince: :iconnatgautier-stock: :iconlucretia-stock: :iconalegion-stock: :icondrezdany-stocks: :icondigital-amphetamine: :iconailinstock: :iconlisajen-stock: :iconfalln-stock::iconamarli-stock::iconarctic-stock::iconrammkitty-stock: :iconlockstock:</b>
© 2009 - 2021 NTGreen
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Thank you so very much :hug: for featuring one of my stock photos in your journal. It's an honor to me, and it's very flattering to see my photo among such fabulous works of art.
NTGreen's avatar
Not a problem ... :hug:
dutchshun's avatar
An amazing selection of beautiful features.
And thank you so much for the kind compliment of including Quoth The Raven.

:sun: I appreciate it !
NTGreen's avatar
No problem ... great photo!
Ghost-Dreamer's avatar
Gorgeous feature :hug: thank you so much for making me a part of it.

Goes of to explore the art work :)
NTGreen's avatar
;)Hope you had fun on your explore!

indigodeep's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature I really appreciate it.
NTGreen's avatar
NP :hug: Thanks for the artwork!
AlinaKurbiel's avatar
Wow, beautiful collection. Thank you for featuring my pics :)
Black-Nemesi's avatar
thanks a lot for the feature :glomp:
stg123's avatar
wow very nice features :clap:
NTGreen's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
AmberCrystalElf's avatar
Firstly thanks so very much for featuring my artwork in your journal :hug:

Yes, I do like thanking, but sorting through everything takes so much time, your suggestions of having faves, comments, replies and deviations all grouped by deviants is a great idea. ....hope it happens one day.
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great artist.there are so many amazing artists here on DA.
thank you for featuring my work in your journal.I'm very honored!:)
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Your work is lovely ... it was a pleasure sharing it! :glomp:
sadestock's avatar
wow, nice collection, too bad, i cant fav it!
NTGreen's avatar
Is there a way I can do it so you can? Any suggestions would (always) be gratefully appreciated!
sadestock's avatar
sometimes i want fav some journals, but it dont have option to it sadly. it would be so nice! (like a news-fav)
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Ah ... I see ... after your comment I did put the Features in Collections so that if people wanted to add them to their favourites they could take the whole group but I didn't realize you meant the whole Journal! Thank you :blushes:
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