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Now something completely different... Uintatherium, dinocerate from the Eocene of NAm.
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Where did all those horns come from!?!?!?
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i love uintatherium!
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I had a really old toy one... I gave it to my budgies but they chewed the horns off. :P

Yeah, I agree, it's one of my favourites as well, because it's from my childhood.
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That is a seriously awesome texturing job.
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I keep having trouble distinguishing Uintatherium from Eobasileus
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I think Eobasleus has thinner ossicones and longer canines...
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Thinner or bigger ossicones?
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You mean taller? yeah that too...
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Close enough...
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Front feet were plantigrade and the front were digitigrade?
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No, it was digitigrade both front and hindfeet: it looks plantigrade because the feet evolved a cushion, like the way the feet of rhinos and elephants have.
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One of my all time favorite extinct mammals..... dun ask why, it just stuck with me from my childhood :heart:
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