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Troodon formosus, a theropod from the Late Cretaceous of North America, snatching a prey.
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Wow, Troodon!

One of the rarest dinosaurs of all!

They look similar to Velociraptor, cause Troodon don't hunt like it.
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What do you mean?
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they just give a big bite from it's teeth are very sharp, to make big wounds and make them get in infected and dies.
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I'm very fond of these dinos
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Troodon is my favorite dinosaur! :) I also love your images of extinct sea lizards. Excellent stuff!
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Hey just curious? Did they find evidence that Troodon had feathers?
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This is inferred from related genera such as Anchiornis which was found with feather impressions.
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My the most favourite dino.
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You are amazing! That is a great drawing!
I love troodon!
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Haha! I like the irony of Troodon, one of the most intelligent dinosaurs, chowing down on a small mammal, whose descendants will one day conquer the world.
Birds have more that twice the number of species that mammals, and reptiles also are over us.
That's also a very true paradox.
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