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The newly described Tianyuraptor ostromi.
More info here:
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Great ) Unusual colors ^^;
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Looks awesome! Has anybody attempted to reconstruct the badly crushed skull yet? Either way that looks like a good approximation. The only nit I'd pick is that you've given it a troodont/archaeopterygid-like tail with retrices all the way to the base, while dromie feather impressions seem to show the retrices limited more towards the tip.
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Not that I know of... but somebody will I'm sure ;)
No problem with the tail feathers, can be easily corrected.
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That´s really interesting, I found out about Tianyuraptor with Wikipedia and since they didn´t have a picture of it I drew it just using the description and it looks very similar to yours (except for the colour).
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This is a raptor of an identity crisis. Some say it's a kind of mircoraptorine, others a primitive raptor, a missing link. Who the hell knows. What's your opinion on the placement of the family? Oh by the way, I saw one of your works in a book the other day of one of those archaic primates.
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Primitive raptor I think...
Oh, Purgatorius was it?
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Yes, that's the one.
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Prehistoric chicken.
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Purple, it's all the rage with the proto-birds.
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They need a lot of help with Tianyuraptor, what with it being so shorthanded, and all.
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