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That is a massive...massive...creature...
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I heard that the claws were 3 ft so then the animal is about 5 1/2 meters, so it's about 15-20 ft. high, but pretty close. Clap 
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Yes, I may have made the girl too small...
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Lol, i don't think Therizinosaurus was that big
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The woman there might be 1,70m tall, but how tall must that Therizinosaurus be then? looks like more than 3 times taller. About at least 6-6,5m high??
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Yeah that was a pretty big dinosaur measuring some 10 m in length.
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Yikes, the claws alone are longer than the size of a person's head, neck, chest, and torso combined....
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Aw shit didn't know it was THAT big with a raised neck!
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Wow, were they THAT big?
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Yup. That was a pretty big critter...
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You know what Therizinosaurs in general could be compared to? Large Sloths
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I don't recall a dino that has made me feel glad that we don't co-exist with them quite as much as this one.

And it was probably a gentle giant, really.  Right? Right?!

I thought so -_-

I think your fur painting somehow got better, I really like the colours and the sheen on this.
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Yes, a gentle giant. Thanks.
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Except people would get drunk and try to kick or wrestle it and there goes the guts.
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Absolute favourite dinosaur, and I think you nailed it. Good job!
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It can't have been that big, surely!
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I dunno, it's just... Well, it looks like it's about as tall as a generic sauropod. It just seems a tad exaggerated.
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The arm alone measured some 3 meters in length, with the claws being some 1 meter. The animal is estimated to have reached 10 meters...
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And those guys were probably high-level browsers, so the size would just be helpful. I don't really see why it's exaggerated, maybe it just looks that way to you, because you didn't see many reconstructions to scale with a human. ^^
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