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Procoptodon goliah, the giant short-faced kangaroo from the Pleistocene of Australia
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I would so keep one of these as a pet if they were still around!
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A bit big to be a pet I am afraid :)
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Wish the media would pay more attention to poorly-known extinct animals
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Such a peculiar animal!
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How big and tall was it?
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Procoptodon goliah was about 2 meters (10 ft) tall...
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40,000 years ago, Australia was much more interesting.
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Yep, and probably a bit more dangerous ...
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Wow they're so cool!
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wow. That looks just as good the one in my book.
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Thanks! Which book is that?
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Prehistoric Mammals of Australia and New Guinea
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Shouldn't P. goliah have only one toe per foot, and have a tremendously elongated talon in its hands?
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Yeah, I just came across the "Systematics and Evolution of the Sthenurine Kangaroos" by Gavin Prideaux and it says that Procoptodon goliah had extremely reduced metatarsals II, III and V at its feet and elongated central digits at the hands. I will be correcting the image soon. Thanks for the info.
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Chasing Kangaroos by Tim Flannery has a magnificent reconstruction of Procoptodon on page 158 [link]

In the meantime, why not pass this off as Sthenurus?
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Yep very nice... Make it a Sthenurus? Yeah that's an idea although the head in my reconstruction is based on the skull of Procoptodon. Anyway, somebody has also put a request on Sthenurus, so I'll eventually do that one as well.
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Perhaps Sthenurus versus Simosthenurus?
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I've updated the file. The Prideaux paper has skull images of all the sthenurines, but unfortunately no postcranial elements are shown.
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Did you see the skeleton photograph they showed in "National Geographic's Prehistoric Mammals"?
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