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Hesperonychus elizabethae, the newly discovered microraptorine dromaeosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Alberta, Canada. Reconstruction here is hypothetical as it is only known by a pelvic girdle and few limb fragments. With an estimated length of 1 meter, it is the smallest known carnivorous dinosaur of North America.
And yes, I am back to traditional mode of drawing after a few months of 3D musing ;)
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One of the weirdest and scariest dinosaurs. Why, you ask?

Look at its eyes.

Look closer...

OMG it's staring into your soul!!!!
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I remember putting this on a science project in 3rd grade!!
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This animal was in Walking with Dinosaurs 3D
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Like the amount of detail you put in it. However, it still looks like a turkey with a longer tail.
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What a fluff ball.
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I missed your traditional works. Great job! :)
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Cool ))
I like all your works, so whatever how they have been made :D
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Oh, I always love hearing about a new species of dromaeosaur. Is this the smallest one?
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No, the smallest known in North America, but they are some even smaller asian species, such as Mahakala and Microraptor...
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Honestly one of the better dinosaur reconstructions I've ever seen. A lot of artists seem to underestimate the amount of bulk muscle and other soft tissue can give an animal, but this one seems to use a very literal bird-like body scheme, which is absolutely fantastic and something I'd like to see more often in reconstructions.
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Thanks! :)
If you look at a featherless bird like here:
or here:
you can see how much the feathers could add to the volume of the animal. There is no reason to think what applied to a chicken, did not apply to a small feathered dino...
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Awesome! I missed your trad work :)

It looks a little... 'crazed' though! :) Must be the combo of the very large eye and the dark line over the brow. Doesn't look like a sclerotic ring capable of containing an eyeball that size would fit in the skull...
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Yeah, you are right. Well since the skull is unknown and that typically small critters tend to have proportionally big eyes I stuck in some large orbs, but the effect is somewhat ... mesmerizing. I have difficulty looking at it now ;)
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Anything you can't do? :P Love the colours and patterns.

Wondering if these things had pentadactyl bone structures.
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Mmh? What's a pentadactyl bone structures?
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Five digits, usually on the forelimbs as far as I can tell.
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No only 3 digits on the forelimbs...and 4 for the hindlimbs...
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I really should trace pentadactyl evolution, be helpful for my current project at best and interesting at worst :)
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What's your current project?
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An animation that used to be a comic that I've spent the last 6 years working more off than on but am quite attachewd to :)
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That is awesome! Cute too! I Loves It! :D <3 :)

And I have visions of replacing My Cat with it! :O
Oh Noes! Really! :D
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