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Some 30 drawings commissioned for an upcoming documentary about evolution. From left to right and top to bottom: ADN, proto-cell, prokaryote cell (bacteria), Eukaryote cell (flagellate), colonial protozoans (planula), Kimberella (possibly the oldest known Bilaterian from the fossil record), a Vetucolian (enigmatic animal that could have been basal deuterostomian), Haikouichthys (one of the earliest vertebrate), Arandaspis (one of the earliest jawless fish), Guiyu (the earliest known bony fish), Psarolepis (a basal Sarcopterygian), Panderichthys (another sarcopterygian close to the ancestry of the tetrapods), Tiktaalik (the famous fishapod), Acanthostega (early tetrapod), Ichthyostega (another early tetrapod), Hylonomus (the earliest known amniote), Ophiacodon (a basal synapsid), Biarmosuchus (a basal therapsid), Thrinaxodon (a cynodont), Adelobasileus (the earliest known mammaliaform), Eomaia (the earliest known Placental), Purgatorius (a basal plesiadapiform, once thought to be a mesozoic primate), Plesiadapis (a plesiadapiform), Aegyptopithecus (an early haplorhine), Proconsul (an early hominoid), Ardipithecus ramidus (an early Hominini), Australopithecus afarensis, Homo habilis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens.
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It's about time that one of these evolution diagrams showed women instead of men. Keep in mind, though, that Homo sapiens first appeared in Africa at least 300,000 years ago and didn't begin migrating from Africa until about 200,000 years later. So why are Homo erectus and Homo sapiens progressively lighter-skinned and more straight-haired than their earlier cousins?