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Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis, this one was shown to be a possible ancestor of the Spinosaurids...

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glad I'm not the only one who saw this in the bones

working on a skeletal image similar
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how did you make this?
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How tall would Eustreptospondylus be max? Could it reach 2m tall?
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Estimate length is 4.5 m but then the only known skeleton is from a juvenile so a full adult may possibly have reached a height a 2 m at shoulder level.
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Thanks. Did Eustreptospondylus have little crests like Allosaurus? I have seen artworks where the crest is more evident, while others were not. 
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Can't really tell. The known skull is missing the relevant bones:…
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What is the current accepted skull shape for Cryolophosaurus? Originally it was portrayed with a broad snout, now there are some depictions of it with a narrower snout. 
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Here is a reconstruction of the skeleton by Mike Hanson:…
The white part is actually what is known. The grey parts are inferred. Cryolophosaurus was a primitive tetanuran and would have had a more elongated skull than say Allosaurus.
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Nice !! And very intresting about the head shape, this will forever change my imagination of this creature, it looks awsome.
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Very interesting reconstruction of the skull. Is such a reconstruction something to be taken with a grain of salt or is their more to be said about this hypothesis that Eustreptospondylus is a direct ancestor to spinosaurs?
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Palaeos is back. here it is : [link]
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This comes from this study: [link]
The skull is based on the reconstruction that came with the study (it was on the site but it is apparently down)
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What about the partial skeleton in the Oxford Museum of Natural History?
The skull doesn´t look as elongated as in your reconstruction.
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See comment above to :icondeinonychusempire:
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You really learn a new thing every day! =) I must say, this reconstruction nicely portray this hypothesis - the hints in the jaw morphology especially. ;)
Great work once again! =)
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You're welcome! I have once read that dilophosaurus was related to a spinosaurid ancestor... This only shows that new data changes everything =D
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very nice work indeed, earlier tought to be a megalosaurid.
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I can see the spinosaur characteristics. I thought at first it was a coelophysoid or spinosaur looking at the thumbnail, lol. Great job! :)
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