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Dorygnathus banthensis, Early Jurassic of Germany...
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Inspirational! :happybounce: 

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Wow what an insiders look at the past! Fantastic!
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Looks so real!
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yeah yeah yeah! fantastic!
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Looks like a booby bird. Wonder if those things would have been sailing around Christmas Island if Christmas Island had existed that long ago.

Furry wings, precursor to feathers? :)
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Pterosaurs aren't ancestors of birds so their fur can't be precursor of the feathers but the structure might be analogous.
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I was probably thinking in terms of Sasquatch rather than biology. Not quite analagous :S
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Sasquatch is presumably a mammal so the analogy still doesn't work ;)
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Lol. I don't know anything about Lightwave ;)
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I love the furry wings :D

I thought those "Rhamphorhynchoids" had cruropatagia which connect the hind limbs but leave the tail out?
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Not sure if this is widely accepted. I think Unwin is the main proponent of this theory...
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Did all pterosaurs have fur/feathers on their wings?
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I would say, probably yes. This is inferred from a recent discovery from China:
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