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Theropod lovers have been spoiled this summer. Shortly after the description of the Romanian raptor with double sickle blades on each foot, comes this one, Concavenator corcovatus, an unusual carcharodontosaurid with a hump on its back and traces of quills on its arms coming from the Early Cretaceous of Spain. see for more details:
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Just a curious question? Are quills a kind of feather or are they different?
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Probably something ancestral to feathers...
RedVioletPanda's avatar
That's one weird looking theropod. I wonder what the quills would have been functional as, like whiskers or would they have been just a deterent, although I would think it might be for display purposes due to fragility.
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The quills on the back is artistic license. Evidence for possible quills is for the arms (little holes aligned in the bone). Was probably for display...
renardchaton's avatar
i love the concept! well executed, too.
Misiolak's avatar
A shark-finned dinosaur! Awesome!
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Can't decide what is more interesting about this dinosaur: The fact that it seems to be a feathered member of a so far featherless Carcharodontosauridae or the hump.
NTamura's avatar
Would say the feather bit but apparently this is not all settled...
MugenSeiRyuu's avatar
Yes, heard about that.
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Interesting work, well done.
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Mystaira's avatar
Really interesting! Like the quills and the sharkfin-like hump!
ShadowRebirth37's avatar
... that's the neatest (and downright oddest) dinosaur I think I've ever seen! Camel humps? And feathers!? ._.

... awesome drawing :meow:
NTamura's avatar
This one is odd but not the oddest. They are other weirdos in the world of dinosaurs.
ShadowRebirth37's avatar
Yup, I know. I've just never seen anything quite like this before. Took me a bit off-guard. ;P
Ryivhnn's avatar
hee hee porcupinosaur XD Wonder what the hump on the back was for, my immediate thought is water storage like a camel! Even though your rendition shows more of a land shark look :)
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Spain had a quite arid climate at that time, so yes water or food storage is a serious possibility.
NEGOXE357's avatar
Sweet reconstruction!
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