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Barylambda faberi, from the Paleocene of North America. Barylambda belongs to the order Pantodonta, an extinct group of herbivores that flourish during the paleocene and became extinct in the Eocene. With a size of about 2.5 meters, it was the largest land mammal of its time.
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Cool! I was fascinated by this animal as a kid.
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Those guys are really weird. I always thought of them as mammals trying very hard to imitate dinosaurs.
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if only they had become Bipedal!
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Interesting creature
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Looks like a giant weasel...
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I need to revise my reconstruction of Bary...
Was it around when the first dinoceratans entered North America?
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Not sure about this. Didn't they entered in the early Eocene?
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Probathyopsis, the sister genus of Prodinoceras entered North America during the late/latest Paleocene.
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They may have lived together indeed... Thanks for the info.
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You don't suppose the first dinoceratans outcompeted Bary and friends?
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Yeah, that's one theory as to why they became extinct... ;)
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