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Anchiornis huxleyi, a newly described maniraptoran from the Liaoning province of China. This is the smallest known non-avian theropod and exhibit characteristics intermediate between Archaeopteryx and the non-avian theropods. It is known from an articulated skeleton that is lacking the skull, part of the neck, the right forearm and part of the tail. Some faint feather impressions were also preserved.

Update: A new fossil of Anchiornis complete with skull and beautiful feather impressions has just been described. A new cladistic analysis indicates it is actually a troodont... who will have thought of a crested four-winged troodont? :)

Update 2: Now even the color of this dino is known from scientific evidence.

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It's amazing how people know the color of something that lived over 150 million years ago.
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Wonderful work! I love the light shading over the body
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Looks like a woodpecker.
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The link for Update 2 is not working. New link please...?
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a couple of spots of lighting look off but altogether very cool! i like the soft looking back feathers
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This is so gorgeous! I love the head crest =)
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Very nicely created piece. Often the photo and the digital work are prominently not suitable for eachother. In this pic, the effect is very good!
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Your feather texturing has improved massively since the last feathery thing I recall, it looks feathery :) It also looks like a magpie :)
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Amazing work! ( See my entry on Anchiornis II for further thoughts on the subject )
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FANTASTIC! I've actually been trying to keep up to date on the new discoveries of this species...
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Now that there's this "really old" eumaniraptor, the presence of an Early Jurassic therizinosauroid (Eshanosaurus deguchiianus) doesn't seem so odd now does it?
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I think it still a bit early for a therizinosaur but who knows...? A recent study by Barrett (2009) seems to really rule out the prosauropod hypothesis.
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I wouldn't be suprised if it's a prosauropod. Prosauropods have been found in China before and in the past therizinosaurs were mistaken for prosauropods.
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I already knew Jifengopteryx had good reasons for being mistaken for an Archeopteryx relative (would jifengo by any means had been able to glide or to fly?), but knowing that the passerine sized Anchironis is a troodontid only makes one wonder what would happen if these animals had taken the air instead of loosing flight...
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Update looks great NT! But still missing the feathers on the toes and fingers. Anchiornis-no speck unfeathered. Except the very very tip of the snout (bit farther down than you've got it).
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Yeah, I kind of see this in the fossil picture. Should be easily fixed in the next update :)
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Eumaniraptors seem to have had long leg feathers ancestrally (think Microraptor sp. and Archaeopteryx lithographica), so a four-winged troodont isn't all that surprising. But it does do a good job of strengthening a previous theory.
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Greg Paul rules...;)
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