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Afrovenator abakensis from the Early Cretaceous of Niger, probably some kind a megalosaurid, although I am not sure this has been firmly established. I've been a bit lazy on this one, not bothering with perspective and showing them in profile. ;)
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It now lived during the middle jurassic
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They look pretty elegant yet fierce at the same time. Good job! :D
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awesome!!!! they're beautiful!
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Thank you my dear Michelle! :)
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Fantastic! I loved the colour pattern

Only a critic... the photograph used as background... It has plenty of Gramineae, and this group probably wasn't abundant in the Hauterivian-Barremian (when this dino lived). Furthermore, the most recent evidence of high abundance of gramineae during the cretaceous comes from phytolits found in titanosaur? coprolites of maastrichtian age... however, during the Early Cretaceous, the angiosperms were scarce (in fact, they are conclusively recorded in the fossil record in the "middle Cretaceous"). I'm not sure about what are the trees of the photograph, but check that too. Maybe you can change the photograph with one showing several conifers...

anyway, sorry for the critic...
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Thanks for the note! Yeah I am aware that the background is probably not the best for the time period, although I tried to choose one that hasn't that many graminae (but still too much, may be I should erase them altogether). The trees were edited to look more like cycads (but I failed miserably...;)). By the way, do you still have these Frenguellisaurus bone pics?
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I'll send them by mail now! sorry for the delay!
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They so beaty!!! :heart:
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Beautiful! Again!
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Thank you, again! :)
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again, you're very welcome :)
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Thank you my dear Luis! :)
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