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Recently a few things happened:

- I hit 10k profile views on DA.
- 100 Subscribers on Twitter
- I joined SoFurry, FN and Furiffic.
- I made a crossposter tool to help me be lazy and crosspost more easily.
- I made some basic statistical analysis of my DA gallery out of curiosity.I discovered :
 1. Which species I draw more often (
 2. That my gallery is a sausagefest (
 3. That I've drawn more for others than myself :) (
 4. That I usually didn't receive much in exchange :( (

But more importantly, recently:
 I drew in the bus.

While I was doodling Opal on my iPad -yet again- (
A woman approached me to tell me she liked my technique, curious of what I was drawing and generally showing interest for it.
I was flattered, fuzzy and shy, I showed her what else I had saved on my iPad.
She complimented me a lot and I thanked her a lot.

Then we totally banged. /s

This made me realise how much I owe my relative success in this hobby to others.
To every single one of you.

Not everyone might've guessed this, but if I had not received the support you gave me, I would've given up a long long time ago.

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone of you for that.

More precisely:

I want to thank the /r/furry community and mods.
You gave me a positive place to lurk and meet others with common interests.

I want to thank the redditfurs steam group.
I don't miss spriting for SS13 though.

I want to thank the Fireburg crew for embarking in what I still consider my greatest project so far.
You made me have a real blast, gave me confidence in my creativity and helped me conceive a world I hope to someday revisit.

I want to thank everyone who complimented me or used/showed around the drawing I gave you.
You made me realise a lot of you actually like what I do!

I want to thank everyone who critiqued or gave feedback.
You made me realise how I could improve.

I want to thank everyone who commissioned or traded me.
You made me realise what I did wasn't worthless and what I was doing was paying off in both senses of the term :)

I want to thank people watching the stream regularly or even now and then.
You are the ones who make me look forward to drawing more so much :)

I want to specifically thank DougalDragon.
You were there when I was truly about to give up. You stuck around and still do.
There's no replacing #1 fan Doug. Give up everyone else, he's almost obsessed!

I want to specifically thank Phus.
You're my favourite windmill-doggo :)

I want to specifically thank Frostbite and Vixxy.
I didn't think I could inspire others to pick up this hobby too! I hope you're having fun!

I want to specifically thank Daisie.
I like being enslaved with endless trading.

Everyone, thank you.

On a semi-related note, I'd like to do something more to celebrate, Phus proposed a Q&A stream, I'd love to do that, any other ideas?
I'll try and do a stream friday as long as I can! :)
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DJcroc2016 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At least you've drawn a few dragons... but other scalies?!?! unacceptable!!!
i'm just kidding.
wait, you did what with a lady on the bus?????
and glad i could help even if by a tiny bit.
good luck on your way from now on as well
Nsyse Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks m8 :>
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Nsyse Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol I think the only I drew more often is tiger!
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June 27, 2016