Opening commissions (also RIP 30 days challenge)
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Published: September 1, 2016
30 days OC challenge Update:

As you might've noticed, I haven't been posting daily drawings as part of the 30 days OC challenge thing lately.

I did get a 10th one done, but have been too lazy to upload it.

I had a lot of fun, but lost interest and I'd rather be doing other things really.

I doubt I'll complete this at all, but if you want to pick a few themes you were looking forward to and would like me to complete, I'll try to do those.

At any rates, it's the best I did on a 30 days challenge thing so far, 4-6 being my previous best (now it'd be 10 :D) So I'm happy.
I'm also especially happy how some turned out, but it became obvious I could not keep such a high and consistent quality daily.



I finally updated my pricesheet to be less ambiguous. Do tell if you think my prices are fair/competitive?


Also, I'd like to experiment doing silly telegram stickers but don't really know a good pricepoint for those. So ask for ONE, SPECIFIC sticker.
If I like it I'll do it (I'll do like 5 total).

Finally, I'd like to take 3 commissions to do during first 2 weeks of school :>



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