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Decided I'd try out the DA commission tab.

Idk how it really works so I'm playing it safe by charging equal to whatever I'd make the price would normally be according to DA.

Any bro who has experience and can tell me about how getting money from DA would be welcome! I have no use for points that's for sure.
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Soup :>

Everyone who's an active watcher raise their hand and tell me something they'd like to see me try next!

Because getting out of my comfort zone and trying pixelart has been the best idea I did in a while and Noxid challenged me to do just that :D

Especially if you have ideas for drawing minigames for interacting with stream chat! :D

Speaking of streaming...
I use Restream now btw! Which means I'm available on both Twitch, Youtube or Picarto, so pick your flavor if you wanna watch sometimes :)

I don't have a set schedule, except for Sundays which are normally around 14:00-16:00 EST at least and end when I'm bored or have to do homework.

Please be mindful of your language during sunday streams as it's my featured hour on WatchMeWork!

Stream links :… (or : until I get an actual website!)

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Soup, trying to reorganize my favourites by OC and whatnot, drag and dropped a bunch, suddenly it's not the submissions I picked!

How do you remove images from favourite folders?
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I wanna do a request roulette for when I'll hit 15k pageviews or 100 watchers (whichever happens first, kinda didnt do anything for 10k oops)

When : As soon as I can after I hit 15k pageviews OR 100 watchers

How to sneak in : 
  •  Be a chill peep (->Be watching me)
  •  Comment on this journal!
I'd like to know more about my watchers, specifically why do you watch me or what you'd like me to draw/do more of I guess! (Though I also like just talking, so post anything :) )
  •  That's it! Though if you don't mind signal boosting, that's always appreciated. I'll give you a second chance in the roulette! (Though you can't win twice :D )

What you could get : I'll do 3 cartoonish paintings similar in style to this:
Secret santa for Marshykip by Nsyse

Unrelated : Other than that I'll have a job for 4 months instead of university, which means I'll have a steady schedule and could stream at pre-chosen moments on weekends or EST evenings.
If you would like to attend them, when would be the best UTC time for you?

I used to post journals about when I stream, but have been too lazy for months now. I still stream semi-regularly though and I'll resume posting when I do.
Do you think I should post a Journal or a Deviation to notify when I go live?
(Here's my Picarto btw : )
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30 days OC challenge Update:

As you might've noticed, I haven't been posting daily drawings as part of the 30 days OC challenge thing lately.

I did get a 10th one done, but have been too lazy to upload it.

I had a lot of fun, but lost interest and I'd rather be doing other things really.

I doubt I'll complete this at all, but if you want to pick a few themes you were looking forward to and would like me to complete, I'll try to do those.

At any rates, it's the best I did on a 30 days challenge thing so far, 4-6 being my previous best (now it'd be 10 :D) So I'm happy.
I'm also especially happy how some turned out, but it became obvious I could not keep such a high and consistent quality daily.



I finally updated my pricesheet to be less ambiguous. Do tell if you think my prices are fair/competitive?


Also, I'd like to experiment doing silly telegram stickers but don't really know a good pricepoint for those. So ask for ONE, SPECIFIC sticker.
If I like it I'll do it (I'll do like 5 total).

Finally, I'd like to take 3 commissions to do during first 2 weeks of school :>



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Hello, basically for those who aren't aware or who'd like to join me, I'm trying a 30 days drawing challenge.
The theme is simple : Draw your OC daily.
Each day has a set prompt. (which can be seen here:… )

I'd like to know if you mind or want me to draw my avatar 30 times.
At first I really thought I'd try to vary more and draw my OCs at random.
Turns out I really like it so far, so I might stick to muh avatar.

If you have ideas or requests of what you'd like me to draw for any of the prompts, do share them I might try it if it's a good idea and not too much work.

So far I did:

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: Cosplay
Day 3: Fanservice
Day 4: Chibified

Also in general I'm bored and like attention, so if you want a commission or just ask me stuff, please do! I like attention :>
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Recently a few things happened:

- I hit 10k profile views on DA.
- 100 Subscribers on Twitter
- I joined SoFurry, FN and Furiffic.
- I made a crossposter tool to help me be lazy and crosspost more easily.
- I made some basic statistical analysis of my DA gallery out of curiosity.I discovered :
 1. Which species I draw more often (
 2. That my gallery is a sausagefest (
 3. That I've drawn more for others than myself :) (
 4. That I usually didn't receive much in exchange :( (

But more importantly, recently:
 I drew in the bus.

While I was doodling Opal on my iPad -yet again- (
A woman approached me to tell me she liked my technique, curious of what I was drawing and generally showing interest for it.
I was flattered, fuzzy and shy, I showed her what else I had saved on my iPad.
She complimented me a lot and I thanked her a lot.

Then we totally banged. /s

This made me realise how much I owe my relative success in this hobby to others.
To every single one of you.

Not everyone might've guessed this, but if I had not received the support you gave me, I would've given up a long long time ago.

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone of you for that.

More precisely:

I want to thank the /r/furry community and mods.
You gave me a positive place to lurk and meet others with common interests.

I want to thank the redditfurs steam group.
I don't miss spriting for SS13 though.

I want to thank the Fireburg crew for embarking in what I still consider my greatest project so far.
You made me have a real blast, gave me confidence in my creativity and helped me conceive a world I hope to someday revisit.

I want to thank everyone who complimented me or used/showed around the drawing I gave you.
You made me realise a lot of you actually like what I do!

I want to thank everyone who critiqued or gave feedback.
You made me realise how I could improve.

I want to thank everyone who commissioned or traded me.
You made me realise what I did wasn't worthless and what I was doing was paying off in both senses of the term :)

I want to thank people watching the stream regularly or even now and then.
You are the ones who make me look forward to drawing more so much :)

I want to specifically thank DougalDragon.
You were there when I was truly about to give up. You stuck around and still do.
There's no replacing #1 fan Doug. Give up everyone else, he's almost obsessed!

I want to specifically thank Phus.
You're my favourite windmill-doggo :)

I want to specifically thank Frostbite and Vixxy.
I didn't think I could inspire others to pick up this hobby too! I hope you're having fun!

I want to specifically thank Daisie.
I like being enslaved with endless trading.

Everyone, thank you.

On a semi-related note, I'd like to do something more to celebrate, Phus proposed a Q&A stream, I'd love to do that, any other ideas?
I'll try and do a stream friday as long as I can! :)
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 Prices are pretty cheap AFAIK.
CAD too.

Here's how it works:…

Just check my gallery for more information lol.

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Hello! Showing off the current state of the form filler :D…

I'll take a break of this for now though since I don't have anything to upload anyway.
I'll resume as I start using the sites and see what else would be useful.
I'll take the time to upload it for whoever wants to try it as is this weekend.

Until then I'll stream drawings daily @ about 20:00-22:00 EST
Feel free to drop by :

Also, tomorrow is TMI tuesday, ask me stuff I can draw answers to pls:

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So in case y'all don't know, I started a crossposting tool recently :)
I was sick of crossposting manually and actually started piling up on stuff I had yet to upload at all.
So now I have a Java tool that generates a test suite to do it (partly) for me!
It fills fields that are common through the websites :

Here's the demo videos :

V0.1: Hardcoded test suite generator…

V0.2: Form-based test suite generator…

V0.3 has no current videos yet but adds the following:

- Option to generate Journal upload test suite instead
- Select which sites to generate automation for.
- Now supports the following websites (all but Weasyl, DA and FA are newly added)
    - Furiffic (Seems like a pretty powerful site BTW, UI is okay and nice FA gallery importer included too)
    - SoFurry
    - InkBunny

I'll probably add content rating too since that's a common theme.

I'd like to know :
- Anyone want to use that?
Because if not, I'll just hardcode a bunch of stuff for myself (always SFW content rating, my folders etc.)

From now on I'll post pretty much errything new to all supported sites except InkBunny.
Might even join and add more, idk.
So unless you don't mind seeing the same content a billion times in your multiple inboxes,
I suggest you only watch one of my account.
I might still do individual milestones giveaway, but I make no promise on that as I miss most of them anyways.
Also, I post non furry stuff on DA in the off chance I draw that:

Some of these have yet to get crossposted


Also, sorry Furiffic for the instant gallery spam! I thought it'd be done over time :s

Good day :)
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18-01-2018 : EDIT : The plugin I used to base this project on isn't supported in latest firefox versions. (Just when I was starting a rework from the ground up that still used it.
But I found a similar project that's generally more complete :…
I do recommend using this one instead from now on. It works similarily but generally is more complete!
I'd still like to try doing small projects that'd be useful tools for artists if you have ideas :)

Hello! I've started coding a simple crossposting helper tool.
It's written in Java and is much more practical than pretty.

Here's a video of it in action, filling 3 art submission forms at once:…

Basically what is does:
1) Takes any common inputs for furry art sites.
2) Generates a test suite to run with Selenium using your default firefox profile.
Then Selenium takes over, just open and run the generated test suite!

I'd like ideas for wanted functionalities. So far it has:

Generate Image upload test suite:
Title, description, tags, image file

Generate Journal:
Title, description (same problem with DA)

Sites supported:
-DA (partial: Missing description. DA is being needlessly fancy and changes the editor's ID dynamically, no idea how to bypass the problem atm.)

Any ideas for additional functionalities or websites you'd want implemented?
Do you mind activating Selenium manually? I'm a bit noob so far that's why it be the way it is.
I intend to give this away for free. I think it would be a good way to encourage crossposting and activity in general on furry sites :>
(I get very lazy crossposting)

BTW, this was uploaded using that tool ;>
Link and info:…
Basically sketch requests :>
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I don't feel like doing homework today and I have time to procrastinate some!

Let me eat pizza then I'll be drawing. I'll do free sketches, 5$+ for color (Pay only once I'm done) or stuff for myself :>
Be specific if you're asking for a request or just offering me inspiration to draw from to make my own characters/stuff please!…
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i'm worried I have no idea what's happening, but I can't access DA normally from my comp (gotta use a domain redirect I wired to my page). I tried uploading my latest drawing, it stalls forever and then lets me posted but it's not showing up at all.

Any ideas what's happening, is part of the site currently broken for you too?
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Title ^
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Get in the stream!

I'll do sketches or complete unfinished pieces for people in chat :>…

SFW requests only!

Done for today!
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Wow, I can afford free! >>… <<
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Stream -->…

I take tips of any kinds and SFW requests!
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