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Nyan Cat - Minecraft

Minecraft Art - The Nyan Cat! A.k.a The Pop Tart Cat.
Who doesn't love the Nyan Cat?

I didn't count the blocks but I know what they are made of.
Wool - Rose Red, Orange, Dandelion Yellow, Lime Green, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Light Gray, Black, White.
About 4 hours to complete.
Enjoy! :D

Nyan Cat - Youtube: [link]

7-22-11 Update: Secretdisaster7 took the trouble of making a cheat sheet! So if you want to make one like mine go here:
And don't forget to thank her! :wave:
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Is what a mod? The Pixel Art? No.
i made one of these in mine! didn't work as good as this one! :D
kittymeepgmailcom1's avatar
do you use sand for the tart area?
Nstone53's avatar
yes, Sandstone.
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have you heard about this one mod where you could have tac nyan or nyan cat as a pet
and just go on exploring with all the nyans. I heard it's really cool! :)
princessmangotango's avatar
i got addicted to nyan cat and spent all day watching the 6 hour version,this....makes me love/hate her more
Nstone53's avatar
You are a brave soul.
princessmangotango's avatar
i haven't blinked ever since it started it's so much rainbow!
Im-Reshi's avatar
*Floats LikABoss*
Vodos's avatar
This is awesomeness composed of nyan.
daball665's avatar
I've tried that so many times and can't seem to do it. You have any pointers. Yours rocks!!!!!!!!
Nstone53's avatar
I just started from the feet up. you may want to try [link]
daball665's avatar
thanks im gona try now see how it works hopefully i can get it
DarqfangofSeido's avatar
Unless it's single player creative mode.
DarqfangofSeido's avatar
Two words: Griefer. Bait.
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FireBlood1's avatar
that is just perfect!
maurawolf99's avatar
For this...i love you...
epic-nyancat's avatar
that si the most perfictly placed eyes for nyan cat I have ever seen. when I make it the eyes are always to far to the left or right XD
bubblepony658's avatar
Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan Nyan! :meow:
Ricktorthewolf's avatar
beware of creepers nyan cat
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