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i dunno if anyone that use to come here still does .. . but if they do and they would like to see what's been goings on with me  .. . click away .. . or copy and paste away .. . or do it the hard way and type it into the browser away .. . but, you do what you want man .. .…
e l   p a i s   d e   l a s   t e n t a c i o n e s            

new project to occupy the depression that is this summer
so i've been sick for a month now, and god it sucks .. . can't really walk, can barely concentrate, feelingl ike shit, numb and cold and all i can do is just laugh and smile ... . people around me are more worried than i am .. . but i can't be all depressed just cause i'm sick, shit happens, what am i gonna do, i either could sulk or just fucking deal and move on and live with this stupid condition that i have.. . so i just deal and move on .. .
the most gigantic lying mouth of all time .. .

hail to the theif
the only thing i know is everything you love will die.

the first time you meet that someone special, you can count on them one day being dead and in the ground.. .

godspeed you! black emperor - east hastings
I wanna be in the wallpaper
Or run away to the foreign legion
notes for a personality.

i got personality.
i got interesting things to say.
two sentences in a magazine.
a full page gormless pose in borrowed clothes.