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Sketching Phases: Princess Enne



I did some rudimentary warming up and thought saving all the phases I used to get to the final rendition.

1. First I drew just a plane with few horizontal lines. This determines the perspective I want the character be in. I only wanted to make sure that the middle point is somewhat, well, in the middle, because I decided that's where the crotch would be placed. The "x" marks define the basic reference points and my goal was to fit the character within this grid.

2. The first iteration is just about simple planes (and lines for arms). This is the rough base for the body and my main goal was to get dynamic arc to the pose. I used the grid as a reference to make sure there really is a gap between the body and the grid, aka reference plane.

3. Fleshing out the forms and fixing any errors in orientation that I noticed.

4. Just refining the anatomy and proportions, since I'm not yet sure how I will draw all the clothing and other details. This is more like an extra step for warm-up purposes, because I didn't feel I nailed everything in place at the 3rd step.

5. Now I can just focus on details, since all the forms are already in place. It's easier to draw things like legs first and then add the skirt, that way you can make sure the legs are anchored properly to the torso.

6. Just tracing the rough sketch more carefully for final rendition. Added some more hatching shading and rudimentary toning. The result is decent for a warm up.
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very helpful. Thank you!!!