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Sketching Phases: Princess Enne

I did some rudimentary warming up and thought saving all the phases I used to get to the final rendition.

1. First I drew just a plane with few horizontal lines. This determines the perspective I want the character be in. I only wanted to make sure that the middle point is somewhat, well, in the middle, because I decided that's where the crotch would be placed. The "x" marks define the basic reference points and my goal was to fit the character within this grid.

2. The first iteration is just about simple planes (and lines for arms). This is the rough base for the body and my main goal was to get dynamic arc to the pose. I used the grid as a reference to make sure there really is a gap between the body and the grid, aka reference plane.

3. Fleshing out the forms and fixing any errors in orientation that I noticed.

4. Just refining the anatomy and proportions, since I'm not yet sure how I will draw all the clothing and other details. This is more like an extra step for warm-up purposes, because I didn't feel I nailed everything in place at the 3rd step.

5. Now I can just focus on details, since all the forms are already in place. It's easier to draw things like legs first and then add the skirt, that way you can make sure the legs are anchored properly to the torso.

6. Just tracing the rough sketch more carefully for final rendition. Added some more hatching shading and rudimentary toning. The result is decent for a warm up.
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very helpful. Thank you!!!

As a learning Artist I thank you....also this is witch craft and you must be in league with the Devil!

ParrotAxolotl's avatar

how is this witchcraft?

NOOKNIGHT's avatar
Extremely useful thing! Thanks a lot! La la la la 
Hyaniyo's avatar
Cara, me ajudou demais. Thank you!
Shinobody's avatar
Holy crap, that is actually insanely helpful. I am definitely going to use that method from now on.
Cestarian's avatar
Huh start with a plane... Hadn't thought of that. Somehow l am still struggling with perspective (i have improved though, just didn't draw anything for a long time)
Nsio's avatar
I normally don't need that step, but I think it's a good way to put down some constraints for the drawing. Deciding where the top of the head and feet are, you essentially determine where you need to fit the character in. Crotch is roughly at the middle, so that will also serve as a nice cue for proportions. Although it heavily depends on your ability to draw such a plane in your intended perspective (not to mention drawing the character according to it), there are at least some reference points to refer to.
Cestarian's avatar
I can do planes in almost any perspective. What's killing me atm are overlaps.
SmolSoviet's avatar
Its really good but I still struggle loads with drawing an upwards perspective
Imdraproc's avatar
Thanks for a helpful pic. The grid is particularly good with its angling. 
Naughty-b-Nature's avatar
This will surely improve my perspective practice, thank you very much! Worship 
LadyWitchscar's avatar
This is so useful, drawing a rectangle as a base to ground the figure while drawing it. That really helps a lot, especially in perspective.
wraith11's avatar
Taking solid note of how you move the character off the perspective plane, because every time I try that they just wind up looking flat.

Also, this character is cute as all hell. Just needed to get that in too.
model88's avatar
I always love your tutorials. This is a helpful explanation as I try to equally envision 'planes' and such but simultaneously work on 'volume/mass'. So to have you show the 'center card/plane' and build out from that (on each item in the piece) puts it all together.
Piponyo's avatar
Oml bless you for this^^
runewuff's avatar
If you stop at step 3 you have a robot. and it's less work wink grin 
garrus368's avatar
this will be so useful for me and my comic, thanks :)
cafejunnie's avatar
Thank you for this! 
Null-Z's avatar
Very helpful, thanks!

I always struggle with perspective in this sense. 
SirIronD's avatar
ok i have to say, i missed your content, really love your tutorials keep it up!, also now that im learning a bit more about figure drawing this doesnt seem like magic to me anymore *o*
GLSTOONZ's avatar
This is very helpful to make characters.  I usually begin my character-making projects by making the stickfigure for the skeleton and/or mannequin to help me build my character and then apply some basic shapes and lines later.
i-Ambear's avatar
This is so helpful! Hopefully I'll be able to apply this to my artwork! Thank you!!
Tinyguardian's avatar
Wow! This is incredibly useful, thank you! I often struggle to put characters in a 3D space when painting digitally (usually because I'm zoomed in closer and neglect to pull back or flip). It's clear and concise too, which helps me greatly. 
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