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Nsio Redraws: [Your Drawing] UPDATE 14

Hello there! I'm back with a bit different kind of thing today, because I want to do some experimenting.

The Name of the Game:
- Post a thumbnail of your deviation in the comments of this deviation and I'll try to redraw it in my inking style
- I'll update this deviation when a new redraw (or more) is done
- I'll mention the original author in the description field

- By linking your deviation here you hereby give me a permission to redraw and display it in this deviation along with your Deviantart name!
- I won't be drawing every drawing in order! I arbitrarily choose which drawings to redraw! I prefer not to draw too similar drawings!
- I'll decline any commission requests and money offers!
- Only drawings on the comments of this deviations count! Do not send them via notes or somewhere else in my da page!
- I won't be asking your opinion about the redraw prior updating this deviation! I won't write critiques, but I may or may not explain my decisions!
- I may take great liberties with the redraws, so they may look very different from the original (but not necessarily any better)!
- My inking style may or may not take in account the medium or style you have used in the original!
- I draw these fairly quickly so the quality and execution may not be what you would expect or on par with the example!
- I can't promise I'll keep doing this for extended period of time. I may take breaks or stop at moments notice!

[30.12.2018] My Christmas vacation is over, so updates may become less frequent occurence...

That said, if you aren't comfortable with the publicity (both positive and negative), do NOT link your deviations in the comments of this deviation.

If you are fine with all that, we are good to go. What do you think, would this be a fun little experiment? I've no idea what will happen, but it makes this just that much more interesting to try. I want try this partly because I think I'm somewhat set in my ways.

As an example, I have redrawn one of my old drawings. The change in perspective wasn't intentional, it has more to do with my tendency to draw things from certain viewing angles.

Redraws and original authors (starting from the top):
0. Nsio (example)
1. :iconokioppai:OkiOppaiThey Have Arrived.... 18.12.2018
2. :iconanjudere:AnjuDereWeeping Woman- Happy Halloween !- 19.12.2018
3. :iconlahis:LahisJust Dancin' 19.12.2018
4. :iconmarnyquinn:MarnyQuinn[Main oc] Give me your heart~ 19.12.2018
5. :icongirlfaceren:GirlfaceRen - Induced madness 19.12.2018
6. :iconteddyous:Teddyous - Sense of Security 20.12.2018
7. :icononi-dessin:Oni-dessin - Happy Halloween ! 21.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
8. :icontoraxd001:ToraXD001 - New OC - Rashida 22.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
9. :icon5-0-7:5-0-7 - 10 22.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
10. :iconkinhj:kinhjKing of Hell Creek 23.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
11. :iconchikorita85:chikorita85.:sweet:. 23.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
12. :iconahkward:AhkwardSketch - Pon of War and Sea 24.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
13. :iconharppukana:HarppukanaCake 24.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
14. :iconsayna-yuki:Sayna-YukiAfter the Rain 24.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
15. :icontestament77:Testament77Pocket Quest - Wallpaper n. 3 25.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
16. :iconxir4n:xir4nLuminous 25.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
17. :iconyounko:YounkoBrave 26.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
18. :iconjesse0319:jesse0319Hideyoshi 26.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
19. :iconnstch-root-a:NStCh-root-aSeraphim and Throne 27.12.2018 (with Wacom MSP 13)
20. :iconreksanden:ReksandenSmoking PSA 28.12.2018
21. :iconcrescentia-fortuna:Crescentia-FortunaMenacing Presence  30.12.2018
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Ecchi-Senshi's avatar
Absolute madman! Makes me want to do something like this, but I'm far too lazy, haha.
SariDrawsThings's avatar
Start Despairing. (COMPLETE.)

It would be so cool to get to join the ranks on one of these pages! (Love your style by the way!)

xXVVSOSVVXx's avatar
The Sad Girl by xXVVSOSVVXx
It would be an honor to make it to your next list <3 
CodeMonkeyArts's avatar
Okay, I have to take advantage of this (if you are still doing these of course!)
Wrath + Lust OTP Day 19: Formal Wear by artisticallystrange  
nickybeats's avatar
really cool idea! nice execution!
Riri-kou's avatar
Just... just gonna leave this here...

Cause your art is so amazing!

Leon I by Riri-kou  
kavalryMaster's avatar
Legion Pendragon by kavalryMaster  Try this one for size :v, LegionPendragon.
JTessier3's avatar
I'll bite on this one.  Mine is more of a mainstream comic book style, so I don't know how well that will translate to the more Manga-ish style that you've got, but I'm intrigued.

Pulsar by JTessier3  
Yamuii's avatar
Jezus this is amazing...
Izanagi-Subaru's avatar
Drawings... by Izanagi-Subaru  
I love your art and I would like to draw as well as you some day
AgentLema's avatar
This sounds fun, Maybe you can make sense of my nightmarish proportions and terrible digital art skills. 

Agent Yankee by AgentLema  
melantha-violet's avatar
Well this look like a fun idea!  ♥ I'm Game! ♥

The people's Crown by melantha-violet
Atena-Scarlet's avatar
I hope this one can be redrawed by someone so talented like you! Thanks for doing this kind of things! It's Awesome!
Atena Demon Scarlet by Atena-Scarlet   
 (1) by thatiswind   00 by thatiswind  
Could you just spend a bit of time to catch the worst part and fix it 
If I have honor to be picked, please help me modify them; I don't have ability to present more detail as well
Marcotonio-desu's avatar
Keep doing God's work, man.
I'm not proud enough of any piece to have myself humbled, but I enjoyed studying the differences in these examples.
ArtSquirrel's avatar
I've always loved seeing other's takes on my characters. These are two of my favorites.
Stopping for the Night by ArtSquirrel
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