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Nsio Pose Practice 9: Anon Party Hard! [Update]

By Nsio
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UPDATE: Added three more poses
Ninth (and strongest) pose practice so far. I wanted to try drawing business suit and some cool moves. I didn't really want to draw guys though, but luckily Anon Party Hard came to my mind. While Pyonta and Maid Guy surely are strong and cool, Anonymous is the absolute king of the dance floor. Thanks to this I could finally draw the dancing pose practice.

1. Anonymous preparing for the showdown.
2.  Mark is given, time to get going Anonymous.
3. And there he goes! Snapping fingers like a boss.
4. Side step has never been as cool.
5. Anon has got the moves.
6. Sayaka enters the room and is startled by this faceless guy.
7. Anonymous is such a gentleman, inviting Sayaka to join in. Surprisingly, Sayaka don't seem bothered at all.
8. Seems like a smooth start.
9. Straight to the point! So groovy.
10. Both of them seem to enjoy dancing.
11. Discontinued.

I was planning to continue more with the Anon Party Hard pose practice, but in the end I got only three new poses done. I should have drawn yet another patch of 3-4 poses for next row to tie "the story" together, but I found that they had nothing to do with the actual dancing practice and thus weren't that spectacular in dynamism point of view.
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BurksaurusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I think it's cute they are dancing
Sorciechan's avatar

I've never seen a character with no face stand out so well. This is cool!

BudderZilla's avatar
You know, half of these are total JoJo poses.
Emperor-Koto's avatar
Emperor-KotoHobbyist General Artist
This is lovely!
Mismagiusite1's avatar
3 and 4: Orange Justice!
Daddybiscuit's avatar
DaddybiscuitStudent Artist
He predicted orange justice
hentai-sensei17's avatar
this boi is on fire he don't got the moves like jagger he got the moves like motherfukin Micheal jackson bois just damn, can't touch this got a whole new meaning thanks to you niso
vageta0102's avatar
Is this a Jojo's reference?
bloodmaker's avatar
still love this. :)
DevyatNine's avatar
Why am singin shake your groove thing?
BrujadeCobalto's avatar
BrujadeCobaltoStudent General Artist
There are some strange ships i like and that is the anon guy and the chubby girl hahaha. 
MidnightMusik14's avatar
I think this one will always be my favorite. :aww:
Kirito3502's avatar
Kirito3502Student Traditional Artist
Do you have a tumblr?
MonsterousOperandi's avatar
MonsterousOperandiStudent Digital Artist
its mohamed in a suit!
Tuninho22's avatar
Tuninho22Student Digital Artist
Amazing poses can use how reference ? 
pcenero's avatar
pceneroStudent Digital Artist
Reminds me of Welcome to the Ballroom (Ballrom e Youkoso) so much!
tmntsam's avatar
Slenderman's cousin is boss.

JK I know his name is Anon P.H.
KuukoPesto's avatar
KuukoPestoHobbyist Digital Artist
this pic makes me want to dance :boogie:
despite how awful I am at dancing :shrug:
O-kra's avatar
O-kraStudent Digital Artist
How do you get the arms and legs to be so dynamic? I always set them up with a fluid gesture, but when I finish the arms they become stiff or broken.
Nsio's avatar
NsioHobbyist Digital Artist
I just try to find nice line of action everywhere and draw everything to work together. Most of the time arms and legs are part of a major line of action which gives power to the whole drawing. Also, other element such as clothing has to flow with the arms and legs, otherwise they will break the illusion.
malazkaboom's avatar
malazkaboomHobbyist Traditional Artist
AMAZING !! very dynamic TTT_TTT
BIasty's avatar
BIastyHobbyist General Artist
Anon's ankle appears to have snapped in 11

also Sayaka is so fucking cute I'm gonna die
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