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Nsio Inks: Baby Sayuri with a Bunny Plushie

Nnngggh, kawaii oobaa duraibuu~~! *in manly Jojo-ish voice*

So I drew baby Sayuri with a bunny plushie. Because why not. She is one of the twin babies of my original character Sachiko.

Well my actual goal was to draw something very spontaneous, carefree and quick with very rough inking style. I've been so tired after work that I haven't had the drive to draw much, so rough drawings like these are very recreational. It's also fun to try capturing the spontaneous act of babies/young kids minding their business.

 The text on her shirt reads "kousagi", i.e. baby bunny.
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how old is she now

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Mamma mia! She is such a darling!
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Nice job drawing this~
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The rough sketch look so great, To the personality of the Baby I feel like it fits, it's really cute! <3
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Are you going to draw Shoji in a similar way?
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I also like those spontaneous quick drawings. :) They kinda remind me that drawing should be a loose and perhaps even liberating activity. Not something that binds and oppresses you in any way.
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She seeems grown up compared to the last time. It seems the attitude of my nephew when he wants cuddles.
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So adorable!
BTW anatomy differences between ages (first of all proportions) would be a great subject for a tutorial ;) (Wink) 
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Awwww! How cute!!!! And the bunny is super adorable too! Awesome job!
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She looks like such a little sweetheart! XD
I hope her brother is next, always great seeing characters age and more so with kids get bigger :aww:
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It might be rough, yet it looks so nice and still has a lot of energy in the lines. Excellent stuff!! 
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Awww I think it's someone's bedtime :meow:
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Oh my god how cute O__Q 
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Dawwww, she's standing now.
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Aw! She's gotten so big! ;A;
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So very cute!  Love the expression and all the little details!
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My little girl looks very close to this picture.
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