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Nsio Body Practice2: Hips, Thighs and Butts

Because why not? OwO

Besides it's my last day on vacation, so might as well make some good memories.

I'm not exactly sure why I drew this (other than butts being obviously relevant to my interests), I just felt like practicing a bit. Drawing a set like this is much easier than compiling a pose practice. I draw these from imagination so the anatomy may not be quite in place. I think I spent around 4-5 hours on this, so that makes 16-20 minutes per illustration.

As usual, I like to play with viewing angles. I like how #6. and #12. turned out. #1. and #11. are also quite fascinating. I was trying to draw a bit slimmer thighs than usual, but old habits die hard as they say.
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How to draw private part down below

Thank you so much for your valuable tutorials, they really helps a lot and never out of date.

By the way, I am very curious about the method that you draw the contour lines(lines that warp around the body, I don't know how do you call it).

How or where do you get them?

Do you get them by observation or from anatomy books?

I have read some anatomy books but hardly find contour lines presented in a proper view without perspective distortion .

As a beginner, I find it extremely hard it construct organic(irregular) forms without adequate contour line references. QAQ

Could you give me some advice?

I would be more than grateful if you could reply me! (sorry for my poor English , I hope you can understand.) XD

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Good to hear you have found my tutorials helpful!

The contour lines are simple really. They are just lines that trace over the forms. Another way to think about them is to imagine a section cut. For example, if you cut a cylinder with a knife into two cylinders, the section cut would look like a circle. That said, the contour line is a loop along the surface. The part that's not visible is drawn as dashed line. (You could also draw the contours vertically, or you could make an entire grid out of them).

In a similar fashion, you could imagine a leg as a cylinder and draw a circle around the half-point to add a contour line. Again, the hidden part of the circle is drawn as dashed line (you can first draw it with a solid line and then use eraser to make the gaps).

Obviously the section cut of a leg isn't really a perfect circle, but in most cases that will do just fine. The lines are more for visual aid to help visualizing the 3D form. I find them useful as perspective guides: a circular section cut looks like an ellipse. The shape of the ellipse varies depending on how you see the element. If you want to stay more true to the actual form, you could also draw the contours so that they are more faithful to the forms (like taking in account muscles).

To become better with organic forms, start with more regular forms like cylinders, spheres, cubes, cones etc. Organic forms are mostly just amalgamations of basic forms, just like the aforementioned leg can be imagined as a cylindrical object. It's also easier to apply contour line on regular shapes. You can add and subtract more forms to create different combinations. As you become more familiar with those, you can begin to aim for more specific forms, like muscle groups.

Also, do a lot of observation all the time. Whenever you aren't drawing or if you are on a bus or otherwise idling, spend that time on observing either your surrounding or yourself. For example, you could run your finger along your arm to imagine how the contours would behave. You could imagine how the room should look behind yourself. Observing life is usually more useful than photos, but they are also good (especially those which show things you wouldn't be able to see normally, such as anatomy under the skin.

OMG! I can't believe that you actually replied to me in detail!

I complete understand the concept of contour line now.

I realized that I might have overlooked some of your tutorials, so I hurried to check it out.

I am sorry for my neglect and ignorance.

I have read your tutorials carefully, which have answered a lot of my doubts and given me relief.

In the end I found that I was just setting up barriers for myself.

Accuracy is not that important, the most important thing is what the brain wants.

Dynamism is one of the keys.

Thank you so much, it is my honor to discuss with a wise man like you.

you are such an excellent tutor and artist.

I hope one day I can be someone like you . XD

The next part is how I came up with this problem.

I just want to share it with you.

I am self educated .

To make nice art work ,I always want to get better.

I began my art journey with perspective.

After a period of practice, I was confident in constructing basic forms.

Because the conclusions of regular forms are fixed, I have no doubt about it.

The contour line of the cube form is a square shape. Its outline is composed of straight lines.

I got it.

The contour line of the sphere form is a circle shape. Its outline is a circle.

I got it.

I knew how to critique myself in practice because of the fixed and clear Criteria(rules) mentioned above.

BUT when it comes to the organic forms like human body, I lost my confidence.

There is no fixed form(contour lines or criteria)!

Different artists have different ways of manipulating those curves(shapes or forms).(some of them even don't use the contour lines! wow)

Even though they are slightly different, but I could not tell why they are all so dynamic.

What's the similarities?

How do they construct them?

How should I critique my self when constructing those organic forms?

What is the tweaking criteria(standard/rules/value)?


I just had no idea what to do next without a criteria.

(I felt like I had become a philosopher lol)

Eventually I can't figure it out and request experienced people for help.

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Those curves <33333 be it the legs, buttocks, breasts or even the one draws the curves of a figure is ultimately how attractive it will look

especially at different angles like here x3

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So skilled! ,,>.A.<,,

Now I'm trying to learn about the body piece by piece.
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It's good to have the skills for drawing the most crucial subjects... XD
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Oh! Thanks for replying~! Yeah, I've been drawing for a while now. Mostly draw the WHOLE body at once but now some individual parts have become distorted and disproportionate. <^.A.^'>
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This was very helpful, now i know how to draw butts.
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this helps my hand do two very different things.
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I'm trying to start in NSFWart, this is really helpfull <3 
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can I poke it?

(sorry not sorry lmao)
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How many people you killed with that icon?
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um, let’s just say...a lot more than i should’ve.
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I may use these to help with drawings in the future.
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I couldn't help but notice the difference between butt #8 and butt #9 besides the thighs. Could you elaborate more on what's going on with their butt cheeks? The wireframe on #8 seems more compressed while making an obvious oval shape while #9's wireframe seems more full blown. Is this signifying the amount of fat the butt has or is there something else that I'm missing here?
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I believe that on #8 the forms derive from the actual muscle shapes, so the shapes are more firm (even with some fat tissue). On #9 There is more flesh and fat all around, so the butt is also larger and it extends all the way to the thighs (the widest part).

It's also possible that the shading and contour lines accentuate that oval shape too much.
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Wonderful explanation~
Surely this will help me as I am studying fat distribution. Is there any chance you're whipping up a butt tutorial, or do you think your studies are enough explaining the topic?
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I'm not that well versed on the subject/anatomy that I could make a good tutorial about that, I'm still practicing such details.
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Understandable. Still a pretty nice study for me to reference from. Again, great job on this~
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If you clicked on this to learn anatomy raise your hand

*Raises own hand*
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*raises hand*
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