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Nsio Body Practice1: Muscles of the Inner-thigh

By Nsio
I've been drawing some... questionable pose practices and started to wonder how the muscles actually go around the thighs. I haven't done much of anatomy studies, so I thought it was high time I try to figure out why the thighs look like they do. These were solely for quick practicing purposes since I lack the knowledge about the anatomy, so I don't advice you to take this as absolute truth about the inner-thighs.

At first I drew things the way I thought they were. Then I googled for the references, and tried to remember the details and then drew the drawings (I didn't have any references in front of me as I drew, but I kept peeking at references every now and then).

1. From memory. Just the lower torso
2. From memory. The lower torso from a bit different angle
3. From memory. I think it looks something like this...
4. From memory. Side view.
5. From memory. Side view, just the thigh
6. Referenced. The muscles of the inner-thigh seen from front.
7. Study. An attempt to draw the muscles by applying various references.
8. Referenced. The muscles of the inner-thigh seen from behind.
9. Study. An attempt to draw the strongest buttocks by applying various references.
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s p r e a d i t
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This was helpful. Thank you!
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Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUSLDF KSDF
Thanks so much!
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Thank you so much!
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Have you got any more of these kinds of sketches as this has been really useful in helping me learn the thigh muscles and how they work and getting a better understanding just by seeing these and would love to see more in regards to all the other muscles in the body :) 
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Unfortunately I haven't done more studies on this field. Anatomy has never been the highest priority for me :P
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Oh well! The stuff you have up has been super helpful too me already and I keep coming back to them for tips so thank you! :) 
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hey man, question, how did you blend the edges with the site colour?
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Those jagged edges around the work? Simply by using transparent PNG format. That said, the canvas is still rectangular, it's just that there is transparent fill around that it looks like that.
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Ah.  Cheers.
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Could you link the things you used for references?
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Damn. nice job! And Dat Ass XD (I just had to :P)
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These guys in the comments are making this weirder than it really is, calm down T_T
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Sometimes comments like those keep me from favoriting it, but I'll do it... *holds breath*
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I know right! ;-;
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( not trying to offend anyone ) 

artists are weird, to us we sometimes look at others around us to catch body shape, body features, parts and movement, it's better to see these things in reali life and active that way when were drawing it looks more realistic, are we know what we,re trying to aim for. 

We look at things like ow the way lights hits object or how shadow, tone, hue and the form of the object changes the way the shadow passes over the things. 

But yah some comments are weird, but personally I thinks it's funny XD ^.^ 
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Yeah. Some comments make this look weird. :3
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