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[Mordheim] Undead Warband Leader Acansia



I've been playing some table-top miniature game called "Mordheim",in which small warbands consisting around 12-15 models explore the ruined city of Mordheim for valuable wyrdstone. I've been playing with the Undead and boy, it has been quite a nasty warband to play with. My first games were really bad, my original leader and necromancer died and because of that all the undead servant like zombies collapsed. In situation like this it's common to disband the warband and start a new, but I could get a new leader and wanted to try some very risky games with a really small warband and it paid off.

I've written battle reports of each game in a form of a story, so I wanted to draw Acansia, the leader of the warband. She is a vampire which are among the strongest heroes you can get and play in the game. The Undead is all about bad or mediocre models with one A-tier model.

The state of the warband as it stands right now:

Warband name: Acansia's Gambling Dead
Warband type: Undead

Leader: Acansia
Race: Vampire
- leader (friendlies in 6'' range can use her leadership in LD tests)
- cause fear (enemy must pass leadership test or cower in fear with lower hit chance)
- immune to poison
- immune to psychology (doesn't fear anything, never breaks from combat)
- feel no pain (ignore stun effect)

Movement: 6'' (12'' run/charge. Typical human moves 4'' or run/charge 8'')
Weaponskill: 8  (prowess in close combat, typical human WS is 2-4)
Ballistic skill: 4 (prowess in ranged combat, typical human BS is 2-4)
Strength: 4 (not especially strong, but typical human strength is 3)
Toughness: 4 (not especially tough, but typical human strength is 3)
Wounds: 3 (it takes 3 wounds to injury her, typical human has 1 wound)
Initiative: 6 (fighting order and stunt tests with D6. Basically fails only with 6s. Typical human initiative is 3)
Attacks: 2(4) (+1 from dual-wielding weapons and +1 with a conditional skill)
Leadership: 9 (used in tests to see whether the model can hold their nerves in stressful situations. Typical human LD is 7-8)

Skill: Combat master
+1 attack if fighting 2 or more enemies at once. Trying to overpower her with multiple chargers is risky

Skill: Lightning Reflexes:
Attack order is determined with initiative. Acansia practically always strikes first even if she is being charged (typically charging models strike first ignoring the initiative).

Sword: parry one successful hit if she rolls higher
Mace: stuns on rolls 2-4 (instead of 3-4). Stunned models are helpless and easy to take out of action.
Gromril armor: +4 save to ignore any wound inflicted to her
Lucky charm: +4 save to first succesful hit (once per game)

Other heroes:
Gymbis the Spellslinger (necromancer hero): he uses magic to reanimate killed enemy heroes as zombies
Hermont the Strong (dreg hero): fairly strong guy with decent stats 
Oscar the Slow (dreg hero): the most unfortunate guy having taken some heavy beating leaving him insane and unable to run. Slow, but absolute madman at close combat
Wallace (dreg hero): nothing special
Zurmis (ghoul hero): a ghoul who got promoted to hero status

5x Ghouls: insane men who eat human corpses at cemetaries. Tough fellows to deal with and cause fear.
1x Direwolf: an undead wolf with terrifying charge range of 18''. It has the same undead perks as Acansia, but may not run
2x Possessed Zombie: stolen enemy monsters possessed by chaos daemons and boasting terrific stats and mutations, with added undead perks, but may not run.
1x Witch: not part of the warband but is an old acquaintance of Silencia and wanted to return a favor. Helps with potions and spells in combat.

Backstory in short:
Acansia is Silencia's younger sister and was on
her way to reunite with her and join the wardband
searching the city of Mordheim for valuable wyrdstone.
She finds the wardband beaten and demoralized for
both their leader and necromancer were slain by
Skaven rat people. The magic holding the undead
zombies had dispersed so the three dregs were all alone.
Acansia assumes the command of the warband and
takes a huge risks in order to keep Silencia's loyal
dreg servants alive and swears to find and destroy
the Skaven warband to avenge her death.

Under her leadership, the Undead has become
one of the most feared warbands of Mordheim,
city of the damned...
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