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Link to livestream:…
(OFFLINE! You can still watch my older streams though...)

Work in progress for an demonstration.

I've been Livestreaming a "Super POV (point of view) Practice", in which I try to draw one pose from 26 different viewing angles. I have already drawn 20 angles, and I'm trying to draw the remaining 6 poses now.

Feel free to join me as I draw!
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Hey nsio, Hopefully you can answer my question. I've been trying to wrap my head around human form rotation. Basically, being able to rotate the human body in the same pose from different angles kinda like how you're doing now. I'm wondering what is your thinking process behind it, are you simply thinking of basic forms like box rotation or are there some more advanced perspective concepts that are helping you with this? What other sources aside from your tutorials would you recommend? Thanks 
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I mostly thinking how basic forms look when rotated, but my approach in this kind of drawing is drawing my own references. You see, I start with some basic viewing angles and then I start using them as references for the more advanced viewing angles. After a while I start cross-referencing: are the first drawings more accurate than the later or are there errors on the earlier drawings? That said, I don't call the poses finished, I keep fixing them time to time the more viewing angles I get covered.

I don't know any sources for this kind of job. I've learned the concepts of perspective trough 3D modelling and I do these kind of challenges to test my understanding in practice. The more I do this, the better I will get at it. So just keep drawing and analyzing your works :)
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Need a little help sir, whenever i try to do this it seems my lines are so stiffed which leads me into bad result. i want to draw my own character but im having a hard time in proportions. what should i do? and another question sir, if i copy several manga would it help me to enchance my skills? thank u. 😃
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if your lines end up stiff, then you need to work on your lines. Although drawing your own characters is definitely more fun, you can't ignore technical side of drawing. I used to fill A4 papers with all kind of scribbles, like circles, arcs, lines and so on. The better you handle the basics, the easier it is to draw full characters as well.

You can observe your own body in front of a mirror when you study proportions. It's good to read tutorials that explain where each body part should reach and their relative proportions. Of example, if you have your arm relaxed on your side, navel ought to be on the same level as the elbow and crotch is on the same level with the palm of your hand (approximately). The upper body is pretty much as tall as the legs alone. Although human bodies vary, knowing general "landmarks" makes it much easier to understand human proportions and apply them on your own character designs.

Whether copying works of others will help you depends on your mindset. If you are honestly curious about the artistic choices the artist has made and analyse the works while you copy, you can potentially learn a lot from manga. That's what I've been doing. Great artists know which strings to pull, and if you can figure out why they draw in certain way, you can apply that understanding on your drawings as well.
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okay sir thank you so much!=)
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Thanks. I can really use this.
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i still don't understand xD...
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That is really well done.  I have a hard time with foreshortening but it looks like you have mastered it. 
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Great exercise! :D
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You've really nailed the proportions, great work! Helpfull for me as well.
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NOW i see it's

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Oh but there is. Keep looking :D
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Damn, this must've been exhausting.
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Thank you! This is so helpful :)
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I'll practice with this! :happybounce: 
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Excellent. Some really difficult poses in this, amazing work.
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Ohh, the patience. This must be such good practice; I should definitely do one too! I also like the fact that you rated the difficulty of each one.  :) Thanks a bunch for sharing; it's very helpful and inspiring. :hug:
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A very good practise you have and an even better job you did!
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talk like yoda much you do
p.s. BLEACH RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
Bleach is boss 
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thats amazing!
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